Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another player about to jump in?

Just when you thought that the presidential race couldn’t get more confusing, someone has to open their mouth about something that’s a political hot button and instantly create speculation about their running for president…

This time it’s the current mayor of New York City (certainly not to be confused with the previous mayor whose presidential aspirations crashed and burned faster than his marriages) who is stirring up the pot.

During a speech to the United Nations yesterday, Michael Bloomberg emphasized the threat of global warming while also calling on America to enact a tax on carbon emissions. Said Bloomberg;

“Terrorists kill people. Weapons of mass destruction have the potential to kill an enormous amount of people. […] …but “global warming in the long term has the potential to kill everybody.”
Stirring stuff isn’t it… sounds as though Bloomberg is trying to make a…splash, of some kind.

Bloomberg wasn’t done, continuing on and saying that global warming “has all of the same potentials of destroying the planet that we live on. No scientist knows for sure what’s going to happen, but you don’t want to wait to find out."

Keep in mind that this is pure speculation, but if Bloomberg isn’t floating a test balloon, then he certainly is faking it well… if he is, the question has to be which side he hurts more; the Democrats or the republicans?

While the Democrats have a spoiler already with Ralph “I screwed up 2000” Nader contemplating a run, Bloomberg – who technically is a registered republican - definitely leans more Liberal with many of his policies and a presidential run by him could hurt either side…

As always, stay tuned…

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