Friday, December 21, 2007

What color is the sky in your world George?

As if we needed more proof that “President” Bush is a little… off… I give you this.

Earlier this week former President Bill Clinton stated that in the Hillary Clinton administration, he and former President George H. W. Bush would travel around the world together to help improve the international reputation of the United States that had been destroyed by the current Bush.

During a presser today, President Bush said he already does that in his current job, saying; “It’s what I do during my presidency. I go around spreading good will, talking about the importance of spreading freedom and peace.”

Um… not really… what you do is go around spreading fear… spreading ignorance… spreading intolerance.

What you do is go around asking for the opinions of world leaders and promptly ignore those opinions and do whatever the hell you want to do… opinions of the rest of the world be damned.

The man just doesn’t get it…

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