Thursday, December 20, 2007

We have ethics lapses

As the year ends, we look back at some of the Top Ten things of this past year. Earlier this week we gave you the Top Bushisms for the year, now we give you our Top Ethics Scandals of 2007. We can’t mention all of them, so these are our Top scandals. If you have one to add, leave a comment and let us know.

  • No new enforcement mechanisms for congressional ethics. (Does this surprise anyone?? Did people really believe that either party would lead a charge about ethics and take away the perks associated with being a US politician? If you did, then you might be a little too naïve for politics)

  • Millions of missing White House emails still unaccounted for (Yeah, like they’re ever going to be ‘found’)

  • Head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Nancy Nord getting free travel from the companies she’s supposed to be regulating. More for Nord, her NOT wanting more money for her departmental budget, which could be used to ensure the agency could do their job properly. (This one is mind-boggling. She’s unqualified for the post – save for the fact she’s a Bush-crony and didn’t want more money for her budget. So instead of doing her job of keeping lead-laden toys out of the country, she’s flying around the world doing, absolutely nothing…)

  • White House covering up its role in the firings of the U.S. Attorneys (Does this surprise anyone? Does anyone really believe the White House will EVER come clean about its role in AttorneyGate? If you do, like above, you may be a little too naïve for politics)

  • Rep. Murtha’s abuse of the earmarking process remains unchecked. (He’s friends with majority leader Nancy Pelosi; does anything else need to be said?)

  • FEMA knowingly let Katrina victims live in hazardous trailers. (FEMA has shown its disdain for Katrina victims time and again since the hurricane made landfall. This, unfortunately, is more of the same…)

Next up? The Top republican tools for 2007…

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