Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Thursday ‘BushWhack’ing

Here we go again...

  • Finally reacting to the mortgage crisis here in the states, Congress and the White House have worked out a deal, which “President” Bush will announce later today, that will keep interest rates constant for five years for financially troubled homeowners. (Let’s hope it works, or this crisis will spiral further out of control…)
  • “President” Bush was told back in August that Iran’s nuclear programmay be suspended”, a direct contradiction to what Bush said earlier this week. (And this should surprise us how? This is a pattern that this administration has followed since they took office; using twisted logic, lying and subterfuge to get what they want… did anyone really think that this leopard would change its stripes just because their term is ending? Hah!)
  • It’s been kept pretty quiet, but have you heard that Mitt Romney’s giving a speech today where he will tackle his faith and its place in politics? (It’ so hard to express sarcasm in the written form… the speech should be interesting and will do one of two things; boost his numbers with conservative evangelicals, or sink his numbers with conservative evangelicals; stay tuned.)
  • Mirroring his rise in Iowa, Barack Obama is gaining steam in New Hampshire as Hillary Clinton sees her lead shrink… and keep an eye on Edwards… and… Ron Paul, seriously???
  • Blue Dog Democrats are causing havoc in both houses of Congress right now…
  • Echoes of Willie Horton as Mike Huckabee is seeing his quick rise in the polls being threatened by a man named Wayne DuMond, a convicted rapist that was freed due to strong support by then Arkansas governor Huckabee. After his release, DeMond promptly raped and killed another woman.
  • And have we mentioned? That a former republican congressman from New York wants Ronald Reagan carved into Mount Rushmore? It’s true; Fred Eckert has been busy trying to create an image of what the landmark would look like if Reagan’s face were carved into it. And now you can see the result online at… at… at…. I’m sorry, I can’t link to the site, I just can’t… my ethics won’t allow it… (Wow… who needs coffee when you have horrifying things like this??? At least we know it won’t happen as the stability, or lack thereof, of Mount Rushmore won’t permit any more carvings… thank God!)

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