Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Week That Was: Decision 20078

Sorry… it just feels like the election is this year.

Another week has been finished in the 2008 presidential race… so let’s get to our quick rundown of the week that was in the 2008 presidential race.

The Democrats

The Democratic candidates tried to bolster their union cred this past week with a few of them making speeches to thousands of union members on the National Mall at a rally sponsored by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. They all said different things but had the same general premise; a promise to reverse what they called a long-standing anti-labor stance by “President” Bush.

Biden discovered that he had something in common with one of his rivals, it’s just too bad that it’s republican rival Mike Huckabee.

Clinton she saw her big lead in Iowa shrink as a new poll in that state shows her running neck and neck with Obama and Edwards… too bad the election is still more than 14 months away… she also saw Bill stumping for her online (No, that is not a euphemism…)

Dodd came out swinging with his first ad in Iowa where he attacks his opponents on Iraq.

Edwards didn’t let a slip of the tongue interfere with his stumping and saw himself defending himself that some of his investments are with companies that do business with the Sudanese government.

Gravel Nothing to see here… move along…Gore the man who isn’t running gave another clue that he might be re-considering (yet another) change of mind. In an interview with Time Magazine published Thursday he said he has not “ruled out” a possible run. Having said that, he also stated that he has "fallen out of love with politics" and believes that he can advance his causes via avenues other than the presidency. (Al, I think I speak for everyone when I say this; Make. A. Decision)

Kucinich is he still in the race even???

Obama in an attempt to overtake Hillary’s seemingly ever-growing lead, he “flashed his fangs” this week by tearing into her flip-flopping position on the Iraq war ( in her defense, she’s just trying to be like everyone else…). When asked if he will take the Black vote for granted he responded with an intelligent; "I expect to have to earn it.” (that’s a great answer as it shows people that he’s not expecting to just get the Black vote because he is Black, but that he will have to earn it. Very smart answer) Richardson keynoted the Young Democrats of America convention and well… that’s it really…

the republicans

Brownback, Giuliani, Gilmore, Huckabee, Hunter, McCain, Paul, Romney, Tancredo, and Tommy Thompson all appeared at the second republican debate in Columbia, S.C on Tuesday. Two of them came out in favor of torture… while another blamed 9/11 on U.S. attacks on Iraq.

All in all it was your typical republican forum with tying everything into terrorism or 9/11… perhaps they should get some new material like… I don’t know…issues??

Bloomberg said and did nothing to strengthen or dispel any rumors about him running for President… so stay tuned. Although Chuck Hagel (R-NE) did hint at a possible Independent run and said he might seek to do it in conjunction with Bloomberg… so just when you think it couldn’t get any stranger… along comes Hagel…

Brownback didn’t do much but piss off abortion rights advocates by saying he wants abortion outlawed even in cases of rape or incest. (Lovely… while that will play to the republican base, every moderate slammed the door on his face after hearing that…)

Gingrich Even though he hasn’t declared his candidacy, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is certainly talking like someone running for President. This past week alone he’s given his opinions about how the ‘08 field is “demeaning the presidency,” that the field looks like “game show contestants” during the debates and that there is a “great possibility” that he might jump into the ring. (Newt would not bring anything new to the gop field as he’s another republican panderer)

Giuliani got slammed by James Dobson for not being conservative enough… despite clarifying his stance on abortion (which still didn’t sit well with the gop base) while also trying to justify the fact that his wife Judith is being paid close to $125,000 a year for “speechwriting help” (Is that what the kids are calling to today?)

Huckabee generated a lot of buzz, positive & negative, after making fun of John Edwards’ expensive haircuts in the debate earlier this week… and found himself defending the tax hikes he’s promised if he wins.

Hunter is even in the race still??? When he doesn’t even make news after a debate, you have to wonder why he’s still running…

McCain drew the ire of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) because he is the only presidential candidate in Congress this year that has missed a major vote on the Iraq war… and the age question is starting to catch-up to him (as slow as he walks, it certainly moves slow as well). The Los Angeles Times wrote an Op-Ed this past week asking if McCain is physically fit to serve as president. It should be noted that, at the age of 70, if he got elected he would be the oldest person in history to enter the White House… yes, even older than The Gipper. (While I don’t necessarily think age should be a factor in choosing a president, medical history should be a slight consideration. McCain has had a couple of bouts of cancer and still suffers from effects of years of torture. Can his health and his body handle a 24/7 life?) And released an ad that slams McCain and his support of “President” Bush and his Iraq policies… (Now he feels how John Kerry did when he was attacked by Swiftboat ads… actually, since he IS a republican, McCain may not feel a damn thing)

Paul You’re probably doing like I did when I saw his name earlier this week… who the hell is this??? He’s a Texas Congressman who got into it with Rudy during this week’s presidential debate and also conjured up imagery of Ronald Reagan by saying the republicans need to have the “courage of Ronald Reagan”… (Uh-huh… anyway, we haven’t heard much from him in the past, but he came out swinging this week. While I wouldn’t consider him a second tier candidate yet, he deserves paying attention to as he can incite pretty damn well…)

Romney Most experts thing he won the debate, but he also picked up the telephone this past week and joined some of his volunteers in an effort to recruit 24,000 new supporters for his presidential campaign. He also saw his son, Tagg, defend his stance on abortion. And at the debate, he mentioned those words that are spoken so often by republicans on the stump and then taken back so often by republicans in office: “no new taxes” (and we know how well that always works out for them)

Tancredo is “looking for Jack Bauer” (I assume it for torture techniques and NOT something else… ew, ew, ew bad image just popped into my head…)
F. Thompson Law and Order got picked up for another season… and that’s about all the news linked with him for the week…
T. Thompson What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.. my hearing aid battery died and I have to go to the bathroom. This is what his campaign has been reduced to… constant verbal barrages about this poor showing in the first debate… at least he didn’t embarrass himself further in the second debate… oh, wait…

And finally…

Most of the candidates reported their finances this past week with Biden, Dodd, Edwards, Giuliani, Gravel, Huckabee, Hunter, Obama, Paul, Richardson and Tancredo reporting theirs. Clinton, Gilmore, Romney, McCain and Tommy Thompson requested and got extensions (Hmmmmm… nothing to see here… move along….)

The Washington Post has some highlights; such as
“Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) wrote his way to millionaire status with a best-selling memoir. Former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (R) raked in $11 million by trotting the globe giving speeches last year. [..]

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) married money -- his wife is the millionaire daughter of an Arizona beer magnate. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R) became the richest of the 2008 candidates for the White House by dealing in private equity funds that have bought and sold significant interests in more than 180 companies. […]

And John Edwards, a trial lawyer who earned his initial fortune by defending the ill and injured in the courtroom, made $479,000 last year in salary and held than $7.5 million in investments with Fortress Investment Group, a New York hedge fund.”

(Mmmmmmmmm, beeeeeeeer… maybe McCain should promise free beer for everyone, that would rocket him to victory. Does this really mean anything???