Friday, May 18, 2007

The story, and the cover-up, continues...

Considering that neither ABC nor CBS have, according to Media Matters, aired one single story about the testimony of James Comey, I refuse to let this story die on this blog.

It’s a given that Card and Gonzales broke any and all bounds of decency, civility and decorum in their sick-bed confrontation with John Ashcroft… but now there’s more and more talk about if their nighttime hospital raid broke the law.

Neil Katyal, the Georgetown law professor who served as a national security advisor in Bill Clinton's Justice Department told Time magazine, “Executive branch rules require sensitive classified information to be discussed in specialized facilities that are designed to guard against the possibility that officials are being targeted for surveillance outside of the workplace.”

Katyal went on to say that “The hospital room of a cabinet official is exactly the type of target ripe for surveillance by a foreign power.”

According to Time magazine, the law controlling the unwarranted disclosure of classified information gained through electronic surveillance is very, very strict. In the past everyone from low-level officers in the armed forces to sitting Senators have been investigated by the DOJ for the intentional disclosure of such information, and the penalty for “knowingly and willfully” disclosing information “concerning the communication intelligence activities of the United States” carries a penalty up to 10 years in prison under U.S. law.

Will Gonzales and/or Card be charged with anything?

I doubt it… a spokesman for the National Security Division of the Justice Department was asked about the legality of the hospital conversation and if either of them could be charged with a crime, he declined to “speculate on discussions that may or may not have taken place.”

Translation: No, he won’t be charged with anything as long as George Bush is in the White House.

So even as gop support for Gonzales wavers and more republicans join in the chorus to have him ousted… the cover-up continues.

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