Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now what?

Monica Goodling’s testimony yesterday, while not earth-shattering, did contain some revelations that the Dems will be able to use as talking poins.

What exactly did we learn?

That Ms. Goodling thinks Paul McNulty, the Deputy Attorney General, misled the Senate in his testimony about how the White House played a limited role in the firings because she knew that he personally knew otherwise.

Fighting point number 1.

That Mr. McNulty withheld information from the Senate of concealing Senator Domenici’s role in the termination of Attorney Iglesias.

Fighting point number 2.

That, as mentioned in this morning’s ‘BushWhack’ing; Ms. Goodling has admitted to taking inappropriate political considerations into account when hiring DOJ employees.

Fighting point number 3.

That Ms. Goodling believed that Gonzales made public statements that were inaccurate and that he appeared to be engaged in "coaching" witnesses, even though he said in his testimony that he had gone out of his way to not talk to any of the witnesses and that he had coached her, coaching that made her feel “uncomfortable.”

Fighting point number 4.

That the White House was far-more involved in the process than has ever been suspected… and that Ms. Goodling believes that Karl “Emperor” Rove was directly involved in the process.

Fighting point number 5.

That, contradicting Gonzales’ testimony, there was indeed another U.S. Attorney, number 9, on the list to be fired.

Fighting point number 6.

We got ammo… now it’s time for the Judiciary Committee to investigate this matter with a fine-tooth comb.

They need to get McNulty, Sampson, Rove and Gonzales’ asses in front of them and rip up a new one…


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