Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Surge: Part Two

I seem to remember people in the Bush(whacked) Administration saying the troop “surge” was a short-term solution.

They lied…

I know, you’ll contain your shock at that statement…

As if we needed more proof that “President” Bush’s escalation is hardly a short-term surge, Hearst Newspapers is reporting today that the White House is quietly implementing a second Iraq troop surge that would “nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq this year” and would bring the total number of brigades in Iraq to 28 by this winter.

This is not only ominous, it’s troubling… this war is being escalated again, and it looksa as though no one is capable of stopping the Bush/Cheney juggernaut from making the same mistakes the U.S. made in Vietnam…

In the current escalation, Bush ordered five brigades to accompany the 15 already stationed in Iraq.

This “second surge” of troops is being carried out in a shrewd way to avoid any unneccesary publicty by extending tours for brigades already there and by deploying more units, this could boost the number of combat troops to as many as 98,000 (from 52,500).

When you throw in support troops the total number of U.S. troops in Iraq could increase from 162,000 (where it currently stands) to more than 200,000.

Strange isn’t it… that when Bush trumpeted the first escalation back in January he did it with horns a-blazin’ and a nationally televised address.

This time he’s keeping it quiet and under wraps so to avoid the backlash that would almost definitely result in yet another troop esclation in a war that a majority of Americans have already written-off as a failure.

While an Army spokesman denies that there is a second surge, Hearst Newspapers maintains that their story is accurate.

What if Hearst is correct and there is another surge coming, what does it mean?

For one thing it means that the administration has no plans to curtail this war at all.

It also means that the White House doesn’t see the Democratic majority in congress as an obstacle, something that the Dems need to alter very, very quickly.

And where exactly will Bush be getting these troops from anyway?? He’s having a hard time finding troops for the current escalation, where the hell is he going to find more??

In my humble opinion, conservatives will do anything within their power to both escalate and expand this war before January 20, 2009 when the world will once again be a happy place Bush's term is up.

Stay tuned…

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