Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday 'BushWhack'ing

  • This should come as a surprise to absolutely NO ONE. Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has been discussing (Again!?) the possibility that he might turn to the dark side switch parties. Said the Idiotndependent; “I hope the moment doesn’t come that I feel so separated.” (Joe is seperated… from reality. The amount of money the republicans fed his campaign is pathetic, and for anyone to actually consider him a Democrat or even an Independent, shows their stupidity. He is a de facto republican and has been for some time. When we moan what could have been with Gore, we should also thank God for not saddling us with Lieberman as VP…)
  • New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson made his presidential bid official… wait… it wasn’t already??
  • Despite an ever-growing number of his own party asking for his resignation, “President” Bush is standing by AG Alberto Gonzales and is blaming Democrats for his being embattled. (Apparently Bush hasn’t seen that a few of his fellow-republicans think Gonzales should leave as well. As I’ve said here many, many times; Gonzales has become nothing more than an albatross around the neck of Bush, and the longer he stays around, the more harm it will have on his administration… though that’s a good thing in my eyes…)
  • Speaking of Gonzales, Democrats are still pressing forward on plans to call for a no-confidence vote on him. (This story is becoming more and more like a movie, which leads me to ask; what could possibly happen next?)
  • After weeks of refusing to back down to “President” Bush on setting an Iraq timetable, House Democratic leaders are… well… backing down. And the rank and file Democrats ain’t happy about it. (Yes, they backed down. But we have to look at the larger picture here… if the Dems went ahead, the media war would be easily won by the republicans by saying we don’t support the troops – an argument used many times before. We need to take it slow… we need to take it properly. Have some faith that we will get it done sooner, I think, rather than later… at least that’s what I keep telling myself)
  • The immigration bill isn’t gaining much speed yet, and is gathering more opposition by the hour. This should end well…
  • And have we mentioned? The future of dismissed U.S. Attorney David Iglesias (whose firing started the whole AttorneyGate fiasco) is bright. Check out this article in the Washington Post and tell me if you don’t see a bright Liberal political future for him… I certainly do.

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