Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No one person can be this stupid, can they?

It’s well-documented that “President” Bush is, to be polite, an absolute fucking idiot… but at times I am still amazed at the absolute stupidity of this man.

Sometimes I am so amazed at the incredible stupidity of this man that I stare watching him in wide eyed wonder, shaking my head in the fact that he is the leader of the free world.

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

He’s being confronted with strong opposition to his Iraq policies from both sides of the aisle… he’s getting grief from the Iraqi government, and yet…

And yet, he says that people actually agree with him, to which I must ask him; what color is the sky in your world George?

Liberals viewed last November’s elections as a harbinger and a mandate to bring our troops home. And we had support, with election exit polling showing that 55% thought the U.S. should withdraw some or all of its troops from Iraq.

The president, in his indefinite “wisdom” (a term I use very, very loosely) says Democrats have it all wrong: the public doesn't want our troops pulled out -- they want to give the military more support in its mission.

Uh… ok… I’ll ask again; what color is the sky in your world George?

Said Bush;

“I recognize there are a handful there, or some, who just say, 'Get out, you know, it's just not worth it. Let's just leave.' I strongly disagree with that attitude. Most Americans do as well.”
Ooooookayyyyy… last time I looked, "most Americans" overwhelmingly wanted a withdrawal from Iraq or, at the least, a timeline for withdrawal. In fact, a poll released by CBS and the New York Times last week showed that 63% of those polled supported a troop withdrawal timetable of sometime next year.

Has he finally lost it? Has he finally gone round the bend?

I realize that it’s entirely possible that he just doesn’t give a crap anymore. His “final chapter” so to speak is essentially written and he could very well ride out the last year and a half of his term not giving two shits about what anyone but himself thinks.

Bush has been living in an alternate reality for some time now, and that’s exactly where I would hide if I was responsible for a needless war, a failed attempt at reforms and approval ratings so low they’re approaching Nixonian levels.

It would be easy to count down the days until January 20, 2009 (especially with our handy-dandy countdown clock to the right), but right now, I'm not even sure that the Democrats are capable of listening to their constituency either regarding the war.

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