Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

  • Reason #22 why people love Al Gore. Earlier this week Tony Snow said of Al Gore’s new book:
    “I don’t know if they’re going to do a reprinting of the book to try to get the facts straight. The fact-checkers may have to take a look at it.
    Gore’s response?
    “This book, unlike the President’s State of the Union Address, has been fact-checked.”
    (Score one for Mr. Gore…)
  • House Democrats have given-up on demanding a troop-withdrawal deadline being included in the Iraq war spending package, thus seemingly abandoning their top goal of bringing U.S. troops home… and in the process giving “President” Bush a political victory. (This is unsettling… I’m all for funding the war as I don’t want our soldiers being put in harms way, but no timeline for withdrawal is against what a majority of the country wants… and what a majority of Iraqis want… yet the House is ignoring that… sad and pathetic that “the people’s voice” is giving us much voice…)
  • Mouths are watering in DC with former Alberto Gonzales aide Monica Goodling, given immunity, getting ready to sing like a canary testify about AttorneyGate. (Get your tickets now everyone, this should make for some interesting theater…)
  • Immigration reform has cleared it’s first major hurdle
  • The Bush(whacked) Administration is crafting a new Iraq strategy that will shift focus to more political goals and the removing of “hardened sectarian actors” … (Yeah… this should end well…)
  • And have we mentioned? The mainstream media has caught Bush breaking the law… unfortunately it doesn’t involve lying to the American people about getting us into an unjust war… or ignoring the US Constitution… or hiring people staggeringly unqualified for high-level positions… but rather for not wearing his seatbelt while driving… (You’re kidding me, right? Of all the things the man has done… we’re going to give this much attention to THIS??? Way to go MSM… way to go… where’s Edward R. Murrow when you need him??)

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