Thursday, May 31, 2007

Does this surprise anyone?

Gallup has taken an interesting approach to questioning the public about “President” Bush with their latest Gallup poll.

The poll gave respondents the open-ended question:

“If you could talk with President Bush for fifteen minutes about the situation in Iraq, what would you, personally, advise him to do?”
The responses were, as anyone with a brain would expect, not pro-Bush.
  • The largest category of responses from the public -- offered by a stark 54% -- would advise Bush to focus on removing the troops from Iraq and exiting the country, leaving the situation in the control of the Iraqis.
  • 39% of those say they would advise Bush to simply get U.S. troops out of Iraq now.
  • Another group, representing one-fourth of Americans, would advise the president to “stay the course” or get more aggressive in Iraq’s military actions.
  • A smaller category would advise the president to work with others in finding the best solution, including an advisory board or the United Nations (Yeah, like that’ll happen)
  • 6% would advise the president to admit his past mistakes and apologize (Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. More chance of )

Granted, these numbers are nice… but they also make you wonder who the hell is more delusional; the one in four who think everything is hunky-dory in Iraq and we should stay the course or the gaggle of republicans (and republican-in-waiting Joe Lieberman) who think Bush’s current strategy is working.

And who in their right mind would think that Bush would ever admit his mistakes? In his world, he doesn't make mistakes, other people do.

Must be nice to live in such a delusional state...

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