Friday, May 11, 2007

Fundraising troubles for the gop

As if we needed more proof that the American people are sick of the conservatives currently in power comes this tasty tidbit of information.

The republican party held their annual fundraising gala last night with “President” Bush and a gaggle of lemmings republicans in attendance. The event raised $10.5 million for the national republican party… not a bad amount, but it is the smallest amount raised at this event in the past few years.

Cue the Liberal laughter…

Last year the event fetched $17 million, in 2005 it raised $15 million, a record $38.5 million in Bush’s re-election year of 204 and $14 million in 2003.

Ouch… down 30% from the baseline and 75% from the peak… that’s gotta hoit…

Especially coming on the heels of the gop losing control of both houses a few months ago, keeping that in mind and the incredibly low amount is telling.

The republicans have always been known for their fundraising prowess, which is also an electoral strength for them (that and fear) and it’s not a good sign for them to see such a significant plunge in one of their top fundraising events.

I wonder if it has anything to do with Bush himself??

One word answer: yes.

Bush, his cronies administration and his policies have all broken the gop from their center, broken them from the military and broken them from the people that matter most to republicans… rich white men people with money.

Essentially Bush has screwed the party with its pants on… and Cheney is helping him when he says things like “we didn’t get elected to worry just about the fate of the Republican Party

Lovely… sure the party loved to hear that.

While all of this republican in-fighting and fundraising difficulty is enjoyable news, let’s not start congratulating ourselves TOO much. There’s still a long ways to go and much work left to be done…

But this certainly helps… so let’s keep it up.

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