Friday, April 25, 2008

The Friday Presidential Race ‘BushWhack’ing

Another end to another week in the on-going (god will it ever end) 2008 presidential race. We are 27 weeks away from Election Day.

  • Read my ‘Plea to Democrats’, it’s a moral imperative… now more than ever.
  • In case you hadn’t heard, there was a primary in Pennsylvania this past week that Sen. Clinton won.
  • While McCain is the presumptive gop nominee, a quarter of those that voted did so for Huckabee or Paul instead of McCain (the numbers were McCain – 72.7%, Paul – 15.9%, Huckabee – 11.4%) and that spells problems for the republicans in November
  • Sen. Clinton once again flashed signs of being in a different world this week as she maintained that she’s ahead of Sen. Obama in the popular vote…(which only happens if you count Florida and Michigan, and so far – that scenario hasn’t been decided. So, perhaps, Ms. Clinton should stop bringing it up until it actually DOES get resolved… I’m just sayin’)
  • Obama's camp touted a big boost for his campaign this week himself as he got endorsements from 49 John Edwards supporters…
  • While she won PA, she faces a harder battle in North Carolina, but after starting the month of April in debt, she’s doing better, with her campaign saying this week that she raised close to $10 million in a 24 hour span…
  • Sen. McCain showed once again that he doesn’t understand the issues of voters. In discussing his opposition to the equal pay legislation bill he said that instead of legislation that allows women to fight for equal pay, they need “education and training.” (Wow, we can now add equal pay as yet another issue that McCain doesn’t know a damn thing about. That makes it how many now?)
  • A new CBS News/MTV poll shows that the economy is the top concern for voters between the ages of 18 and 29, with 75% of those responding say the state of the economy is bad.” (Well duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  • McCain was traipsing across the nation earlier this week giving stump speeches in poverty-stricken areas.
  • Former President Bill Clinton continued his war on his legacy by saying he didn’t do things despite the prevalence of videotaped evidence showing otherwise, the most recent him denying that he had accused Sen. Obama's campaign of “playing the race card” even though there’s evidence showing that he did indeed do that. (Am I the only one who thinks Sen. Clinton’s campaign is worried every time he opens his mouth? I would be…)
  • Rather than get behind Sen. Webb’s GI Bill, Sen. McCain released his own version… not surprisingly, it sucks…
  • Despite the fact that he once loudly and vehemently opposed Bush’s tax cuts and said that the cuts, along with Bush’s ever-growing budget deficits and high war costs would harm the American people, McCain is now “marching straight down the party line” even though some of his worries have proven to be prophetic. Despite that, McCain is dead-set to (Well duhhhhhhhhh. The 2000 version of McCain is vastly different from the 2008 model that has become MORE of a panderer, flip-flopper and rhetorical spewing politico since announcing this run for the White House)
  • Speaking of McCain’s pandering… he was in NOLA yesterday and blasted the Bush(whacked) Administration and all levels of government for the half-assed response to Hurricane Katrina. Never mind the fact that on the day the storm made landfall, he was with Bush celebrating his birthday with a presidential photo-op… he must have forgotten about that.
  • And have we mentioned? That former republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is writing a book about his failed White House run? You can’t make this stuff up… not only will the book tell “untold stories and untold anecdotes” about the campaign, but it will also offer up his vision of the gop’ s future… (Seriously; why would someone care?)

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