Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Weekly Rewind

Happy Saturday everyone. Things are heating up in the political landscape and my esteemed collegue has, as always, done an excellant job of capturing events as they unfold. So let's not beat the dead horse, instead let's look back at some of the past weeks events in what we like to call 'The Weekly Rewind'.

Applaud: to the Governator. In response to the Presidents plan to allow U.S. carbon emmissions to remain unchecked until 2025, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) responded “this administration is just not really with the program”. He further commented, "We have to go and make decisions today. Time is running out there’s an urgency there." I commend the Governor for speaking his mind and not blindly following the party rhetoric.

Heckle: to showing your intellect to be in line with Dumbya. In discussing his gas tax repeal plan, presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) stated that “a lot of our problems today” are “psychological” — even the “ability to keep our own home." I know that I am not the only person who sees this guy as 4 more years of what we have or worse?

Heckle: Yeah sure it's psychologcal. A new AP poll says that 60 percent of the public say “they definitely won’t buy a home in the next two years, up from 53 percent who said so in an AP-AOL poll in September 2006,” the latest sign of increasing pessimism about the nation’s housing crisis. Just 11 percent are certain or very likely to buy soon, down from 15 percent two years ago. Tell me again how we are not in a recession?

Heckle: Hello pot, this is the kettle..... following Sen. Barack Obama's comments regarding the citizens of Pennsylvania being bitter due to the economic hardships that have befallen them over the past 7 years, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) called the Senator 'elistist' and out of touch. Hello!? This is coming from a person whose income (combined with her husband) over the past 7 years is in excess of $100 million. I'm sorry, whose the elitist!?

Heckle: to sad but truthfully telling statistics. The Defense Department released its latest American military causality numbers for Iraq and Afghanistan, “and the figures reveal non-fatal casualties that go well beyond the more than 4,000 U.S. troops who have died so far.” As of April 5, 4,492 soldiers have died while serving in the two wars while 31,590 have been wounded and 38,631 have been removed from the battlefields for “non-hostile-related medical air transports.”

Applaud: to the opening of more peoples eyes. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll found that 70 percent of Americans disapprove of President Bush’s handling of the economy, an all-time high for that poll. “Bush’s overall rating stands at 33 percent, a percentage point above his all-time low in Post-ABC polling.” It’s amazing to me that this guy has not been impeached yet.

Heckle: to more proof of a failing economy. “Home foreclosure filings surged 57 percent in the 12 month-period ended in March and bank repossessions soared 129 percent from a year ago,” according to real estate data firm RealtyTrac. “For the month of March, foreclosure filings, default notices, auction sale notices and bank repossessions rose 5 percent.” Unfortunately this is going to get worse, before it gets better.

Heckle: to a wolf in sheeps clothing. Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) may give a keynote address at the Republican National Convention in September “on behalf of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)” “If Sen. McCain, who I support so strongly, asked me to do it, if he thinks it will help him, I will,” Lieberman told The Hill. Though McCain has yet to ask, “a Lieberman aide” says “it is a ‘likely possibility’ he will address the Republican audience in some form.” You know Kemp and I called this one about 2 ½ years ago.

Heckle: to even more proof of a failing economy. With Americans focusing on the increasing job losses, the less-noticeable shrinking of hours and pay for millions of workers around the country appears to be a bigger contributor to the decline of the economy. Total hours worked dropped last month compared to six months earlier, the first such drop since February 2001, when the economy was on the doorstep of recession.

Heckle: to screwing our troops. John McCain’s opposition to the GI Bill appears to be rooted in a concern “that a generous education benefit would persuade soldiers and Marines ending their tours to pursue an education rather than reenlist in the overstretched military.” “He’s the odd man out,” VoteVets chairman Jon Soltz said of McCain. “You have 55 co-sponsors on this bill, and he’s not one of them. He has to lead or follow.” And with the Senators background you would think he would be first in line to support the troops.

Applaud: to the will of the people. According to a new Washington Post-ABC poll, nine in 10 Americans “now give the economy a negative rating, with a majority saying it is in ‘poor’ shape, the most to say so in more than 15 years.” Moreover, more than 60 percent reject “the notion that the United States needs to win” in Iraq “to effectively battle terrorism,” and “56 percent of Americans say the United States should withdraw.” Is the White House listening? I highly doubt it….

And finally.

Heckle: to getting your priorities straight. The Academy Awards planned to announce its 2009 Oscar nominees on Jan. 20. However it has moved the ceremony to Jan. 22, since the presidential inauguration will also be on Jan. 20. Which itself is fine, except for Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times who whines, I mean writes, “It isn’t enough that the country must endure about 24 months of political blather and rhetorical positioning to choose the next leader of the free world. … But now the world must wait an extra 48 hours — 48! — to learn who’s been nominated to receive an Oscar. The outrage.” Big whoop de friggin do! So the world has to wait another 2 days to find out this drivel. Who cares? Some people really need to get their priorities in line with being an adult.

Be good, stay informed…..later.

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