Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

The day after...

  • Sen. Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary by 10 percentage points over Sen. Obama… giving her campaign a shot in the arm boost bump and giving journalists an opportunity to use phrases like ‘a comeback’, a ‘last hurrah’, ‘pulled back in’ and every other journalistic cliché known to man… God help us.
  • While the Dems were in Pennsylvania, Sen. McCain was traipsing across the nation giving stump speeches in a week-long tour of poverty-stricken areas in an attempt to put more states into play. Why does the term ‘elitist’ keep popping into my head??
  • “President” Bush has once again denied that the US is in a recession… despite people smarter than him (which probably includes my kids) saying otherwise; including economists, pundits, and political leaders… the man is a mental furball.
  • Former President Bill Clinton continues to harm his legacy… the latest involved him denying that he had accused Sen. Obama's campaign of “playing the race card” during an interview Monday… problem is; there’s video of him doing just that. Mr. President; I (used to) think VERY highly of you… but you are not only doing a great dis-service to your wife’s campaign, but your legacy as well. So I say this with the utmost respect; STFU.
  • Former White House spokesman Tony Snow is now a paid member of CNN, further solidifying their stance as Fox “News” Lite. If you want a good laugh, read his first “contribution” HERE
  • After getting smacked around for not supporting a GI Bill introduced by fellow veteran Jim Webb (D-VA), Sen. McCain, along with a few Senate cronies, has released his own GI Bill that would ‘modestly’ enhance the existing GI Bill. Webb isn’t impressed as his spokeswoman is saying that McCain’s bill is “more focused on career officers, not the entire volunteer military force.” Stay tuned…
  • “President” Bush’s latest Gallup approval ratings have set a record, registering a worse-than-Nixon 69% disapproval rating… which is the highest in that survey’s history and even surpasses Nixon’s numbers during Watergate… 1/20/09.
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates delivered a lengthy lecture about the complexities of war at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point Monday night. While wrapping-up his remarks, his voice cracked with emotion… (wow, a Bush(whacked) Administration appointee with emotions… who would have thunk it?)
  • And have we mentioned? That before the door closed behind Alphonso Jackson last Friday, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) staffers started to makes plans to “take down that spectacular photo homage to him in the HUD lobby”? By Monday, under orders of acting Secretary Roy Bernardi, the 21 large, and excessively egotistical, photos of Jackson had been replaced with pic of homeowners, cityscapes and housing… (which certainly makes more sense. Using political pressure to get revenge was bad enough, but Jackson should have been kicked to the curb when he ordered the picture display to showcase HIM, and NOT his department nor the PEOPLE he was supposed to represent. Ego, ego, ego…)

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