Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stop the inanity

Since the media, and Reverend Wright himself, can’t seem to let ReverendGate die, it seems that more action was needed by Sen. Obama.

Yesterday, he did just that.

Obama Took Reverend Wright to task yesterday, saying he is not only “outraged” by comments Wright made Monday at the National Press Club, but he’s also “saddened by the spectacle” and believes (rightfully in my humble opinion) that Wright seems to be more concerned with taking center stage than anything else.

Not the actions of a friend…

Rather than rightfully allowing the (non)story to die down, Wright is instead perpetuating it… and he needs to stop.

Now action is required by us, the American electorate.

When this whole ReverendGate nonsense popped up, I was absolutely amazed that a politician could be held accountable for something said by a friend, confidante, counsel, etc…

The fact that this story will not go away, shows the absolute absurdity of this process… rather than speak on the issues that, according to polls, we as a nation are concenrned with (Iraq war, economy, jobs, terrorism) we’re being spoon-fed this inane Reverend, Bosnia, wife’s private plane crap.


Issues people… let’s focus on the issues and NOT the inane. After 8 years of Bush, haven’t we had enough inanity?

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