Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yes, but...

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding the Democrats in yesterday’s Pennsylvania primary is the fact that the republicans also had their primary.

Yes, they have a presumptive nominee in Sen. John McCain… but have you actually LOOKED at the numbers?

With close to 100% of precincts reporting with 791,205 votes (as compared to 2,280,870 on the Democratic side);

McCain – 72.7%, Ron Paul – 15.9%, and Mike Huckabee – 11.4%.

Wow… over a quarter of the republicans who decided to venture out and vote voted against, against, their party’s certain nominee.

I don’t know about you, but to me this looks like the republican party has some serious issues.

Yes, the Democrats are hurting themselves by not having the opportunity to focus on what matters (beating McCain in November), but when over a quarter of your party votes for someone BESIDES your presumptive nominee; you’ve got problems too. For all intents and purposes, when given the so-called disarray surrounding the Democratic primary, McCain should be kicking ass, taking names and leading both Obama and Hillary by 9-10 percentage points.

He’s not… and while some republican lemmings pundits are resolute that McCain will win on the economy and security, we know better.

McCain has admitted weaknesses on economic issues and his stalwart support for the erstwhile Iraq war is wearing thin with a LOT of voters.

And let’s not lose sight of something else; over 2 million Democrats voted in yesterday’s primary… 2 million!

While yesterday’s results may be frustrating for Obama supporters and a reprieve, of sorts, for Clinton supporters, what should stoke you for this election cycle is the overall level of interest, enthusiasm, and participation by Democrats.

If the current trend continues of new voter registration rising (especially among young people) and the rise in the number of voters that are identifying themselves as Democrats this November will not only be a watershed moment in Democratic politics, but historical as well.

Stay tuned…

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Rocker 419 said...

Obama will probably edge out Clinton either just prior to (or in) the Democratic Convention in August. Never under estimate the power of a woman, my friend, but if I was a betting man, Obama will will the nomination. However, if you seriously think Obama is NOT gonna get creamed in the National election...that is what we call de-looo-sional thinking. Keep up the good work, I enjoyed your blog.