Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's get it done... sooner, not later

With another primary a week away, DNC chairman Howard Dean is once again trying to nudge the as-of-now-un-pledged super-delegates (could I have more hypens?) into making their choice known by June 4th, the day after the final Democratic primary.

Said Dean; "We want the voters to have their say. That's over on June 3. […] We really can't have a divided convention. If we do it's going to be very hard to heal the party afterwards. So we'll know who the nominee is, and that'll give us an extra 2 1/2 months to get our party together, heal the wounds of having a very closely divided race and take on Sen. McCain.”

Granted, Democratic Party rules enable the super-delegates to wait until the presidential nominating convention in Denver on Aug. 25 to make a choice, but Dean says, correctly I might add, that the party cannot wait that long if it hopes to beat Republican John McCain in November.

If we do, it will be that many additional months for McBush to trot out the same old, same old that we’ve come to know and abhor with George Bush in office for eight years.

The Democrats still have a better than average shot at getting back into the White House, but we need to make a move sooner rather than later, and having the nominating process drag out that long would be detrimental to the party…

Regardless of his ‘presumptive nominee’ status, there are still quite a few republicans out there that aren’t sold on Sen. McCain, witness 25% of republican Pennsylvanians voting for Huckabee and Paul last week… and with a weak candidate on that side, we have an opportunity to get a Liberal back in the White House and attempt to clean up the mess that 8 truly horrifying years of George Bush has done.

Stay tuned…

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