Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Weekly Rewind

Hi folks. Well, it’s Friday at The “Bush”-Whacked Administration… actually it’s Friday everywhere unless you are on the other side of the international dateline where it is Saturday, but I digress. As I was saying, it’s Friday and that means it is time for The Weekly Rewind.

Normally Kemp and I trade off the rewind from week to week. However we will send each other e-mails with snippets of stuff that we want to make sure gets into that weeks post.

Well this week’s rewind is truly a collaborative effort. My sister and her son’s have flown in from Idaho and are staying with me for the week. We have a surprise birthday party on Saturday that will last almost all day and into the evening and my nephews baptism on Sunday for which I have been asked to serve as Godfather, dinner of course follows. And this weekend I also have my son with me. So this weekend I will have absolutely no spare time. My thanks to Kemp for a big assist with this weeks snippets. I couldn't have done it without you pal!

Here is this weeks somewhat abbreviated Rewind-

Applaud: to WaPo columnist E.J. Dionne. This is an absolute must-read as he shrewdly matches Dubya's press conference rhetoric on Katrina relief with reality, then neatly sums up the Orwellian nature of the GOP. (As Bill on Daily Kos stated: don't read if your head is prone to popping off your body)

Heckle: On this date in 1989, Captain Joseph Hazelwood (aka: Captain Morgan) was catching forty winks (drinking a lot on the job will do that to ya) while his tanker, the Exxon Valdez, was running aground and spilling 11.3 million gallons of crude all over the Alaskan coast.

Applaud: to a prelude of things to come. This weeks primaries saw a large number of democrats take leading roles in preparation of the November general election. One local election recognized at a national level is that of Iraq war veteran and Democratic hopeful Tammy Duckworth of Illinois. She is running to fill the seat of retiring House member Henry Hyde. Way to go Tammy!!

Heckle: The Washington Post has touched off a furor (and rightfully so) by hiring and then firing (ok so he resigned…yeah right) a 24-year-old former Bush administration aide who co-founded a conservative site to be one of their bloggers. Two things to take away from this; he once (and recently) referred to Coretta Scott King as a "communist" and he is also, as some liberal blogs ( here and here) have unearthed, is a rampant plagiarist. Oh by the way he “resigned” due to the plagiarism. As my esteemed colleague would say, Karma Baby! What, they can’t hire y Kemp and I !?!?

Applaud: to abandoning a sinking ship. Another staffer has jumped ship from the Katherine “I steal elections and get make-up tips from Tammy Faye” Harris campaign for Senate in Florida. So many long term staffers have left the campaign she needs to install a revolving door. She is running against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson and last week said she would fund her campaign with $10 million inherited from her father. Talk about throwing good money after bad…

Heckle: to Fox "News" anchor Neil "I'm as annoying as O'Reilly" Cavuto. Recent headlines splashed on his show: " Does Hollywood treat Albinos worse than conservatives?" " Hillary: Jesus Wants Illegal Immigrants in America?" and "All Out Civil War In Iraq: Could It Be A Good Thing?" Stupidity is a dangerous thing...

Applaud: to a Republican stand out. This week the Senate Parliamentarian gave Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) authority for presiding over Senate efforts to create legislation that would legalize (and hopefully reign in) the Presidents current NSA eavesdropping program. Senator Specter has been a very outspoken critic of the administration on many issues. While we don’t always agree with the Senator we must admit that more often than not we find that we are all on the same side of an issue. Keep up the good work!

Heckle: to Dick’s Inner Diva. Dick ‘Dead Eye’ Cheney outranks rapper Busta Rhymes on his list of must-haves when traveling. Among the items on the ‘list’ seems the V.P. needs a pot of freshly made Decaf Coffee (decaf-what’s the point?), the room temperature set to exactly 68 degrees, and every television in the hotel suite set to ‘Fox News’ ... cause they’re so fair and balanced (it’s so hard to express sarcasm in the written form!). What no bowl of only green M&M’s?? By the way, Busta requests a bottle of Moet champagne, a bucket of KFC and ribbed condoms. Nothing says ‘let’s get it on’ like some Moet and a bucket of chicken!! (once again, sarcasm is so difficult in the written form)

Ok folks, I have got to get some sleep as morning is going to be here before I know it.

Be good, stay informed….later.

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