Saturday, March 11, 2006

Aint' that a kick in the head

Democrats do not need to come up with a smear campaign to make the administration look bad. The folks centered around and connected to Clueless George are doing a bang up job all by themselves.

To name but a few we have ole Dead Eye Cheney, Scooter Libby, Mikey Chertoff, Mike 'Brownie' Brown, Harriet Miers, Jack Abramoff .... and well, the list could go on and on.

Now we can add to the ever growing list the name Claude Allen.

Who you might ask is Claude Allen, and what has he done to have his name added to the list?

Well up until last month he served as Dubya's Top Domestic Policy Advisor, and this past week he was arrested on a charge of Felony Theft. This charge stems from a scheme to allegedly swindle more than $5,000 in refunds from Target and Hecht's stores.

While this story is unfolding Allen denies the allegations, and the White House can only sit, wait, and hope that more of their so called friends do not hit another 'tripwire' of embarrassment.

Karma Baby!

Like I said the Democrats do not need to try to make the administration look bad, but they do need to act on these opportunities. (Message to Howard Dean- Are you paying attention to current events? Hear that sound?, it is opportunity knocking at the door....)



thepoetryman said...

Bush will blame Claude for the missing democracy!

Anonymous said...

Why aren't more Democrats being investigated for their complicity? For five years they have done essentially nothing but provide cover for Bush, by pretending to be 'the' opposition, then failing to oppose. And they certainly don't lack organization -- every time one stands up the others predictably back down. It is a very fine machine at work, with Feingold's example being only the latest. And it didn't start with Bush, either. Where does the money lead?