Saturday, March 18, 2006

And the embarrassments just keep on coming...

As if he hasn’t been suffering from enough embarrassment lately (though I am, personally, enjoying it immensely), now comes a few items today that may add more red-faced fuel to the already smoldering humiliation fire.

Two news items today caught my eye this morning, one from the Associated Press, another from the Washington Post.

WaPo is reporting that two advance men for Bush posed as reporters while they were scouting locations for an upcoming presidential visit.

Apparently the two advance men told a Mississippi couple that they were Fox News journalists (hmmmm, I wonder why they could have possibly chosen Fox News – as we’ve said on this site many, many times; it’s hard to express sarcasm in the written word) looking into a story about displaced Mississippians rebuilding their Katrina-damaged homes.

The men arrived on March 3 at the site of the beachfront home that Jerry and Elaine Akins are rebuilding in Gautier, Miss. They talked to the couple, asked them about rebuilding their house then, after they were done talking, the two men “approached us and they were laughing, and they said: 'You know, we really weren't with Fox. We're government, Secret Service men,’” this according to Elaine Akins.

Not surprisingly, the White House is a tad upset (those ethics classes really seemed to do the trick didn’t they?) and have promised a full investigation. The anger in the White House is exacerbated by the fact the two men are not, according to the Secret Service, employed by the Secret Service… so the real identity of the men is, as of now, unknown.

Another story that caught my eye this morning was one from the Associated Press that stated the trial of former White House aide, and Dick “Dead Eye” Cheney confidant, Scooter Libby is going to be a major embarrassment to not only the White House, but also the State Department… and this is coming from Libby’s lawyers, who are determined to make sure that their client does not become a BushCo patsy.

Court papers that were filed late yesterday (Friday) contain information that has raised the possibility that a trial could become politically embarrassing (fingers crossed) for the Bush administration by focusing on debate about whether the White House manipulated intelligence in order to validate the invasion of Iraq three years ago.

So here we have two perfect examples of how the Bush(Whacked) Administration is so completely focused on making things comfortable for King Bush that they are willing to lie to U.S. citizens (the advance men) and were willing to (apparently) compromise government workers (Libby et al) just so Bush can be the strong leader that he knows he never will be…

And add to that the state of Wisconsin is voting on the Iraq war (another embarassment in my opinion... I mean think about it, a state of the union voting against something that the "President" and his government have been championing for over three years) and, well, you have all the makings of another Nixonian-like political disaster...

I honestly don't know whether to weep for the future... or hold out hope for the future.

Stay tuned...

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