Friday, March 03, 2006

The Weekly Rewind

It’s Friday (whoo-hoo!), and we all know what that means (besides the start of the weekend), it means it’s time for TBWA’s patented (not really, but it sounds good) Weekly Rewind.

It’s been a busy week for all, and a happy week for Liberals with the release of Commander Cuckoo-Bananas incredibly low approval ratings, so without further ado, here we go…

Applaud: to subterranean approval numbers. Various polls have Dubyas approval ratings at 34% (CBS), 38% (CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll), 38% (LA Times) and so on and so on… his highest ratings come (of course) from Fox “News” (40%). I won’t laugh as it would seem like I am gloating… but let it be known that I am gloating.

Heckle: to the nuclear (it’s pronounced ‘nuklear’) deal with India. I am sure there is no way that this will ever come back to bite us in the ass... right? No… I’m sure it won’t (again, as I’ve said before it’s hard to express sarcasm with the written word…)

Applaud: to disgruntled elephants. GOP dissatisfaction has been building also in the past few months, what with them forcing Bush to sign a measure banning torture of detainees despite his initial veto threat, blocking renewal of the USA Patriot Act until their civil liberties concerns were addressed and pressuring the White House into accepting legislation on its secret eavesdropping program (It's gonna get worse before it gets better... mwah-hahahahaha hahahahahahah)

Heckle: to the news that Vice President Dick `Dead Eye' Cheney is considering retirement. Insight magazine (which as I said earlier this week is a magazine aimed at Conservatives... so you know the stories have small words and lots of pictures) released an article that stated Cheney is expected to retire within a year. Why is this a heckle? Because the choice to replace him will be a stronger and more charismatic Republican and will have the advantage in 2008. Be careful what we wish for.

Applaud: to the New York Independence party for starting a website to entice Donald "If only my hair were really the worst thing about me" Trump to run for president. Good God, nooooooooooooo!

Heckle: to rhetoric, spin and lip service, all wrapped up in one nice, little package. Commander Cuckoo Bananas stated in a speech in Afghanistan that Osama bin Laden will be captured. This amounts to him saying (as my esteemed colleague has been known to remark): `watch the shiny red ball in my right hand while ignoring the pile of crap in my left.'

Applaud: to the news that Bush's appeal is waning in some Republican faithful. When Republican's beliefs start to falter on their leader, it's a definate political death-knell. How long until some members of Bush's Cabinet start abandoning ship in order to save their careers?

Heckle: to James Dobson. The way to sum him up in one word? Tool.

Applaud: to ANYTHING that causes bickering within the Republican Party. An immigration bill is threatening to polarize and disrupt the GOP-party unity. Nice.

Heckle: to the reauthorization of the Patriot Act (aka, coming to get your civil liberties act). 10 Senators voted against it… 10! This was a wretched display of the Democrats rolling over for the conservative right… pathetic… absolutely pathetic.

Applaud: to the 10 Senators (9 Democrats & 1 Independent) who did have the balls to vote against it… thank you.

Heckle: to more Katrian-related lapses. A video was released this week that directly contradicts everything Bush had said about the impending hurricane, including the classic Bush-line: “I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.” Actually, everyone did, you just chose to ignore it. Heckle within a heckle to Governor Blanco who was as inane as Bush was about the whole situation. Way to go Governor… and I though Il Gov. Rod Blagojeveich (D-IL) was ill-informed, but you win hands down.

Applaud: to Special Counsel Pat Fitzgerald who stated in a court affidavit yesterday that “Scooter” Libby is not entitled to know everything that government investigators learned about other leaks to reporters regarding Valerie Plame's employment as a covert CIA operative. Nice… now if only the judge agrees, we’ll have something going…

Heckle: to both sides of the aisle for rejecting an independent lobbying overseer office. Brilliant. A chance to make things a little better from a PR standpoint and both parties reject it. Is there any wonder why some people think ALL politicians are crooks? This is a perfect embodiment of that. Dumbasses…

Heckle: to the melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet This can’t be good.

All I have. What are you applauding and heckling this week?


Anonymous said...

Breach, over-topping... what's the difference to someone who has a quote that he really really truly honestly believes proves Bush is a liar? It's too bad you can't view the scene from over here because the Bush-haters really look ignorant and it's so funny to watch.

It's been demonstrated on many sites that over-topping of the levees was indeed predicted and that all locals were warned. The fact that you don't know the difference between over-topping and breaching isn't Bush's fault.

The left reminds me of a mental circle jerk, giggling like little boys at fart jokes. Please keep running your party this way and make sure that the most juvenile of you keep writing speeches for Hillary and Nancy. Thank you, thank you! Karl Rove could not buy better publicity for the GOP.

Anonymous said...

I'm a first time reader of your blog and I have to admit that I will be returning each Friday to read your commentary on the GOPs shenanigans. For all their posturing and preening over the last 6 years we finally see the full measure of the White House's incompetence and overconfidence in their ability to govern properly. It appears that Oblivious George and the Man with the Bright Orange Jacket are being shown to be the joke we always feared they could be. Unfortunately many lives (both military and civilian) and civil liberties have been lost in the process. The spreading of demagoguery of democracy around the world has to end.

Forget Free Tibet, I say Free America ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Indeed, breaching is not the same as over-topping. Now, if Bush, or anyone, had been on the ball, they might have asked "How much over-topping will it take to cause a breach in the New Orleans levees?" The thing is, it was obvious from years ago that the levees had deteriorated to such an extent that they would readily breach under extreme conditions. But unfortunately Mr. Bush gives the very strong impression that if someone said "over-topping" he would start daydreaming about birthday cakes. So take your pick: ignorance or complacency, laziness or stupidity.

ThePoetryMan said...

"If any look upon us, asking why we kneeled down,
Can we not say we acted with all our power
To rid us this murderer of countless man
Whose sword slaughters from within?"

full poem- Unknown Liberty