Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The man is a schmuck...

Just when you thought Bush couldn’t antagonize or piss-off any more of our allies… he proves you wrong.

The latest ally to question the motives of the U.S. and, more specifically, ‘President’ Bush, is Russia, who lashed out earlier this week at a U.S. strategy document that was severely critical of Moscow's democracy record. In fact, the Russians said that the document sent alarming signals about the future of bilateral ties and the direction of Washington foreign policy.

A new national security strategy was published last week and it spelled out the administration’s concerns over Russian President Vladimir Putin and their belief that he is back-pedaling on the whole democracy thing and said the Kremlin's policies would shape the U.S.-Russian relationship.

The two-paragraph reference to Russia in the U.S. national security strategy specifically mentioned Moscow's policies in the Middle East and Asia as factors in influencing bilateral ties. (It’s no secret that Washington has been worried about Russia's ties with Iran, its attempts to boost its diplomatic presence in the Middle East by courting Syria, it’s courting of Hamas in the wake of its Palestinian election win and their very open dialog and offers to China, You can also add the close ties Moscow has with the newly elected President of Belarus, an election the U.S. is publicly questioning the legitimacy of)

Moscow thinks the U.S. is trying to promote themselves as the dominant power in post-Soviet states that, for the most part, fall within “Mother Russia's” sphere of influence.

How many years did it take our country to cultivate a goodwill relationship with Russia… now all that hard work is being destroyed in a few short years by Commander Cuckoo-Bananas.


The man is a schmuck...


Romerican said...

Clearly, this piece must be satire. Even a hardened critic of Bush would not take him to task on questioning Russia's human rights abuse and lack of basic freedoms.

I tend to think is an issue where all reasonable Americans can agree. It should not be made partisan quibblings. Leave that for issues where we are truely divided.

Kemp said...

More so this is a piece about how Bush continues to erode our standing in the world.

Russia, like other countries, has human right's issues, but that is not the Administration's problem with the country, the Bush administration's problem with Russia is that it doesn't always fall into place behind the US and does not do everything the US tells them to do.