Tuesday, March 14, 2006

And the good news just keeps on coming...

More polling data releases equals more news that President George W. Bush's approval rating are dropping faster than a Bush staffer’s job security and stamina.

Public confidence in Bush’s handling of the Iraq war is quickly eroding, with a new USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll showing, when asked about the war in Iraq, 57% saying that sending US troops was a mistake (that’s up from 55 % two weeks ago) and 67% believing the president and the administration lack “a clear plan for handling the situation in Iraq,”

(In the interest of fairness, a comparable percentage don’t believe the Democrats have a clear plan either… you can color me ‘not surprised’ at that news…)

Regarding the “President’s” approvals, 36% of those surveyed said they “approve” of Bush's performance (which is down from 37% in November 2005)

The new poll also shows that Bush's GOP allies face a significant threat from their Democratic rivals in the November mid-term elections. Democrats scored 55 percent to 39 percent for the Republicans when respondents were asked which party they would support.

A recent CBS News Poll showed similar results with 47% responding that success in Iraq is not very likely and 34% approving of Bush’s job performance (for those of you with acalculia, that means 57% disapprove of Dubya’s job performance)

The poll results come as Bush is launching yet another feeble public relations campaign meant to convince Americans that Iraq is not about to plunge into a full-blown civil war

Add to that that the GOP is experiencing some in-fighting in regards to the budget (House and Senate Republicans will be looking to increase spending on homeland security and defense, health care, Medicare and education this week in what will certainly be a spat with Republican leaders that are incessantly trying to get back the mantle of fiscal discipline) and you have a party in disarray…

Again, as we at TBWA have asked many, many times recently: is anyone at the DCCC or the DNC listening?


thepoetryman said...

All I would like is A Request From Liberty

Anonymous said...

The sun is about to rise, with Vampire George lying in his coffin and holding onto nothing but a single wet match. The Dems have an entire arsenal of wooden stakes, and all they can do is fret that George will set fire to whichever stake they choose? C'mon folks, let's invoke some basic human wisdom: if you want to look strong, you don't wait until your opponent is dead before kicking him. Feingold had chosen the perfect moment (well, one of many) -- and now this?