Monday, March 27, 2006

Poll Position

It’s that time of the month (no, not that time), it’s that time of the month where we at TBWA change our bi-weekly poll and announce the results of the previous poll.

The last poll question posted was: What do you think of the Presidents low approval ratings?

Well, it’s obvious that all of you definitely have an opinion on this subject as this question drew a heavy response from our readers. In fact, it has drawn the largest number of votes since we started doing the poll…thank you.

Here are the results:

Coming in last, each with 1% of the vote, are people who either don’t care about the President’s ratings or those who are certain his numbers will bounce back (I, personally, hope they do not…)

3% of respondents wanted us to know that they were upset about the ratings and were curious if they were only polling Liberals (BTW, to the 3% of you who voted for that – no, they didn’t just poll Liberals… sorry. I’m not really sorry, but that looks better than writing nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah)

16% don’t think that polls mean anything. To that we say, ‘wake up and smell 21st century politics people)

19% believe that it’s karma firmly biting Bush in the ass that are causing his approval-ratings downfall. Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that we are ALL about the Karma…

Having said that, the winner, with a vast majority of you selecting it (60% of you to be exact), is that President Bush is going to go down in history as the: Worst. President. Ever. (sorry to trot out an overused and trite bloggerism like that)

That’s all I got. Scott and I thank all of you who took the time to vote. Our new poll is up, so take a moment and vote for the new question: Do you agree with the FEC's decision to not regulate political activity on the Internet?

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Hey, first time here. Great site, guys! I'll link back when I get a chance to update.