Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A new hand has been dealt at the White House

This week just got interesting…

With debate about immigration reform continuing (I am currently conflicted about this and have not yet formed an intelligent opinion. If you want knee-jerk reaction to this story, look to a Republican), the GOP received some news today that may make their week go by a little faster and make them forget about that for, at least, a minute or two.

White House chief of staff Andy Card resigned today, and will be replaced by Joshua Bolten, who for the last three years was the director of the Office of Management and Budget. Bolten was praised by Bush who called him a man with broad experience on Wall Street and in Washington.

Bush announced the changes that are coming amid escalating calls for a White House/ Administration shakeup during a nationally broadcast appearance in the Oval Office

(Nice… the putz didn’t even have the balls to have a real press conference… lest anyone ask him a question. This action of having an Oval Office press conference gives this WaPo story absolutely NO credence whatsoever… Dubya is not making any inroads with all the media. There are still some out there, quite a few actually, who see the man and his actions for what they truly are. Want an example? WH Press Corps Icon Helen Thomas. He’s may be making inroads with the Post, but that’s because they have been a Bush Mediawhore for years… but I’m getting severely off subject)

Standing stoically as Bush lauded his years of service, Card, gripping the podium like it was a life preserver, stated in his farewell: “You're a good man, Mr. President.” (Andy, I think you can stop sucking up to him now…)

During a presidency, especially in its second term, it's not unusual for top-level staff to change. What’s interesting in this case is that up until last week, the President was insisting (stubbornly some, including myself, would say) that a shake-up was not in the… cards… (sorry, I can never resist a bad pun)

The fact that Bush has all of a sudden accepted Card’s resignation shows (yet again) that this President is weak and that his administration seems to be on wobbly legs. Add to that the fact Bush has been forced to listen to some very scared GOP leaders who are being threatened with losing their majority status come November’s midterm elections.

There are also parallels between Card and Scooter Libby, the Vice-President's Chief of Staff who resigned because of the Valerie Plame/CIA scandal. Card is in the midst of another scandal, that of warrantless domestic spying. Why? Let’s keep in mind that it was Card (along with current AG Alberto “Torture is Fun” Gonzales) who went to former AG, Singin’ John Ashcroft's, hospital bed in 2004 to get the approval to keep the (illegal) program alive.

I'm sure the conservative pundits, like Michelle “Insert own nickname here” Malkin or Ann “Rhymes-with-Witch” Coulter, will be aflutter about how this shake-up is going to help invigorate the President's second term.

No matter how you slice it, it’s still baloney as there is no way, no matter how much ‘new (old) blood’ Bush brings in, to prevent him from going down in history as the worst president to ever hold office.

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Useless Man said...

I'd love to see a congressional version of Celebrity Poker. Who would be the big winner?

No one. They'd just be using tax dollars anyway....