Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

Hump day! Yay, that means the week is getting closer to the end…

  • The Russian/Georgian conflict continues… now “President” Bush is sending Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a show of support (that should end well… and shouldn’t she have been on the first plane over the day it happened instead of days later?)
  • Former Virginia Governor and current Senate candidate Mark Warner will be giving the Keynote Address at the Democratic convention… (Interesting pick… hmmmm)
  • Hours after a former republican congressman coyly suggested that Sen. Chuck Hagel (r-NE) could be a possible running mate for Sen. Obama, Hagel’s office made an official announcement that Hagel, who has been against the Iraq war since the beginning, wouldn’t endorse either candidate. (I think Hagel’ silence on McCain speaks louder volumes than him NOT endorsing Obama…)
  • Sen. Clinton’s presidential campaign just won’t go (officially) away… nor will her Campaign (mis)Manager Mark Penn, who complimented McCain’s celebrity ad. (Mark’s career with Democrats is likely coming to an end… what with the awful way he ran Clinton’s campaign, coupled with his praising of McCain, what Democrat in their right mind would hire him???)
  • Today we are all Georgians”? Seriously Sen. McCain that’s what you’re going to say???
  • From the “it’s not a surprise to me files”… the US spent $85 billion on contracts in Iraq in the first four years of the war and is now relying on contracted employees at a rate higher than in any other war… (that’s because it’s the Bush(whacked) Administration and that’s what they do… it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that people in the administration has any ties to these contractors… no sirree…)
  • The Federal deficit ballooned to $102.8 billion in July… partly because of the economic stimulus payments that did anything BUT stimulate the economy…
  • And have we mentioned? That a former FCC chairman may have THE line of the 2008 presidential campaign? Regarding McCain’s well known image as a computer “illiterate” whose “never felt the particular need to e-mail”, former FCC chairman Reed Hundt told Salon; “Basically, John is a technological troglodyte, and proud of it.” (Succinctly put, isn’t it? Do we really want a president that is not only afraid of technology but, as a former chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, fought against a program designed to provide discounts to schools and libraries to connect to the Internet while also siding with the telecom industry in the net neutrality debate? I certainly don’t…)


Anonymous said...

United States and the west need to squeeze Russia. They treat Georgia like one of their territories.
Bush needs to send them stronger signal that west will back up Georgia against Russian aggression.Boycott Russia and pull businesses out of Russia.

Anonymous said...

I have dual Estonian/Canadian Citizenship. Let me tell you my Father helped free Estonia in 1991 by setting up businesses and getting our family land back. Putin is old guard KGB wanting to unite old guard USSR. Beware, Putin is evil and will stop at nothing to take over former republics and challenge the West constantly until tensions escalate into WWIII. Iran is just a sideshow distraction. Who attacks a small country during the opening ceremony of the olympics... beware

Anonymous said...

No, we do not need to squeeze Russia. We are already squeezing Iraq and threatning to squeeze Iran.

Not only is the South Ossetia conflict none of our business, but the last thing we need is Bush daring or challenging the Russians to "Make our day".

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Bush is sending military "aid" to Georgia now.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Wednesday he is dispatching U.S. military personnel to Georgia in a "vigorous and ongoing" mission to provide humanitarian aid to victims of the fighting between Russian and Georgian troops.

First off Russia did not start this - Georgia did. They picked a fight and could not finish the job. They were "surprised" when Russia responds to the murders in South Ossetia...duh!!

Funny none of the western channels even mention how we got to this point. Now Russia is the bad guy - hey they did not fire the first shot.

Bush remember - Kosovo, Grenada, many countries did you attack?

Anonymous said...

"Who attacks a small country during the opening ceremony of the olympics... beware"

Indeed, Who? Georgia started shelling Osetia on 7th-8th and invaded this small country during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Indeed, please beware those who attacks small countries. Russia stopped this attack.
In case you are unfamiliar how international treaties work, by invading Osetia, Georgia violated 1992 Dagomis treaty on the status of this republic. The act of agression makes ANY previous treaties null and void. Therefore at this very moment, in accordance to this treaty, that Georgia signed, moved troops to protect Osetia (the third party of this treaty).

Please, go and learn some history. Then again, please, don't, ignorance is bliss

Anonymous said...

Just curious if you will continue this type of website whoever is the next president... especially if its obama, would you continue this type of website on obama...

or like everybody else in the world thinks obama is flawless and these types of website will be pointless w/ obama being president?

The reason i say this is ... why are we even asking to enlarge our influence and power including the backyards of Russia... afterall we told Russia to back off during the Cuba missile crisis... doesn't seem like this is our fight...which explains why Rice was delayed in going there since why increase our reach that far.

Dan said...

CCCP is BACK! Although I think the socalled "humanitarian" aid the US is sending is in the form of guided weapons systems tank bombs from Tomcats high in the sky. I've been there during the Bosnia conflict sitting in the Adriatic watching tomohawk missles bombard mountain ranges up close three weeks before that hit the news, so I know first hand that this is exactly what is happening. Thank yo uBush for destroying the world before you leave office.
The only reason Russia did this is because of you stupid move with the missle defense shield in the Czeck Republic back in 07, you big dummy!

Dan said...

Here was your big chance to shine through Condie... and....


I didn't expect anything less from the Bush Administration.

Anonymous said...

Look Rice's comment for Russia:
"Let's be very clear whose interests are being served by the partnership that Russia and the United States have engaged in on Iran or North Korea," she said. "Again, it's not a favor to the United States."

So its clear that US's threat to Iran is for its ownshake or for Israel. There is nothing for international.