Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Thursday ‘BushWhack’ing

Back and better than ever…

  • China is accusing “President” Bush of meddling… this comes from a country that won’t allow foreign journalists covering the games to access certain website and won’t allow protests near the Olympics… pot, meet kettle.
  • Sen. McCain says the US needs an “economic surge.”
  • Polling data across the country says the presidential race is tight… (did we really need polls to tell us this? This race isn’t going to be decided months or even weeks in advance. It will be decided on Election Day and any polls you see between now and then – regardless of whom they put in the lead – should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt)
  • Supporters of Sen. Clinton plan on marching in protest at the Democratic convention later this month. (Sigh… why? What could this possibly accomplish?? The candidate you supported lost… that’s the end, time to move on and unite behind the party’s nominee. To protest would show the nation, and the world, a fractured party, and that is something we do NOT need. If you truly believe in party unity and don’t want to see republicans in the White House for another four years, you need to put your personal feelings – or prejudices – aside… for the better of the nation and the party. If not, you’ll be counted among the Joe Liebermans’s of the world…)
  • A new CBO estimate shows that the budget deficit for fiscal 2008 is going to be “around $400 billion.” The CBO’s prediction is, natch, “slightly higher” than the deficit estimate presented by the White House, who pegged it at $389 billion. Regardless, both estimates are close to the record-breaking deficit suffered in fiscal 2004 when it was $412.7 billion. Not surprisingly, that also came during the reign of Bush
  • A new Time magazine poll shows that a scant 21% approve of the job “President” Bush is doing in terms of handling the economy with a scant 29% approving of his job as President.
  • The VP race continues on both sides with neither seemingly close to choosing one.
  • House republicans don’t plan to end their pathetic stunts anytime soon… with House gop leaders saying they plan to continue their stunts on oil drilling for “at least the next two weeks.” Showing that he has no grasp of reality, House Minority Leader John Boehner said in a memo that their stunts are “making history.” (and they’re doing that… how? Even Bush is ignoring them and calling them for what they are; a stunt that is designed to give the appearance of them caring. It’s not working and it’s not going to work, so perhaps they should quit before they embarrass themselves further…)
  • And have we mentioned? That “diplomacy is finished” with Iran? John “I am the walrus” Bolton said so on Fox “News” today that are only two options now left; targeted military strikes or full-scale regime change, saying; “I think regime change would be preferable because I think that would lead to greater stability in the region as a whole.” (First of all, who the HELL is listening to this man? Anyone? Second, how can diplomacy be finished when it hasn’t even started yet? I knew Bolton was a few bricks shy of a load, but this is mind-bogglingly stupid…)


airJackie said...

China knows it was the US/Saudi that attacked on 9/11 and blamed it on Bin Laden. Look a kidnapped chauffeur of Bin Laden's has been in jail for 6 years and tortured. He had a fake trial and has 6 months on his sentence for the crimes he didn't commit. But with the Bush Torture Policy the chauffeur will stay in jail for the rest of his life, why because Bush said so. Daddy Bush must be embarrassed by having an drunk, drug idiot George W. as a son. Right now George W. is getting drunk in China let's hope he doesn't attack any woman over there.

Dan said...

Bush is a lame duck, we all know it. It's old news. He's useless. Bush watched Jim Lehrer's newshour the night before to see what people were talking about to get ideas of what he should do and say. He is at the point where he can watch TV the night before to gain an idea for the next day's talking points. How easy it is to be President. No wonder why he increased his pay check during his tenure!