Monday, August 25, 2008

Are they just stupid?

Ok so here I am watching everyone gather for the start of the Democratic Convention. And I am reading about and hearing talk of the amount of Hillary supporters who are going to vote for McBush in the general election??

You know this kind of immaturity just pisses. Me. Off. The candidate that they supported in the primaries didn't win, boo- friggin-hoo. So now, like a two year old who doesn't get their way, they have to take their blocks (votes) and go home in a snit. They would rather have 4 more years of what we have right now then vote for someone who wants to change the status quo? I'm sorry but I have to say, what the fu** is their problem?? What is wrong with these people? Grow up already.


OK I guess I am just f""cking stupid as I don't get what has bent these peoples asses so out of shape? Only 1 person can get the nod in each party...... it's Obama and McCain. Get used to it....

Hillary's campaign was a huge clusterf**k. She chose people that would be loyal to her instead of people with experience running a national campaign.... bad decision? Yes. If she had better people running the campaigns efforts we may very well be here on the brink of nominating her and all falling in line to support the party's nominee so she and all her supporters have to live with the results. She didn't. It's time to move on and move forward with what is best for the COUNTRY.

Evidently that concept is too hard to grasp for some people. Instead all these 'so-called' democrats would rather have 4 more years of what we have now???

I heard someone use the phrase dumb ass..... seems to fit..

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