Monday, July 14, 2008

Seriously? He said THAT?

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton was on Fox “News” last Friday and host Alan Colmes asked him about his statements advocating the use of military force against Iran by the Bush(Whacked) Administration.

Bolton denied having made any such statements and said that “the use of force against Iran’s nuclear program is deeply unattractive” and any such statements attributed to him “would not be an accurate reflection of my view.”

Hahahahahahaha… good one John, you— what’s that?

Really, he was being serious?

He actually said on television that the use of force against Iran is deeply unattractive??Give. Me. A. Break.

I know Bolton is a mental furball that tries to cover that up with his mustache… but COME ON!

Let’s review his comments about attacking Iran in the past, shall we?

  • A U.S. military strike on Iran is “really the most prudent thing to do.” Fox “News” May 2008
  • He “absolutely” hopes the U.S. will attack Iran in the “next six months.” Again, Fox “News” (sense a theme here do ya?) August 2007

Let’ s not even count the fact that on multiple occasions Bolton has suggested that Israel will attack Iran after the November presidential elections but before the inauguration… an act he said “makes a lot of sense.”

And yet here he is… on Fox “News” (is it any wonder that all of his appearances are on Fox “News” as that seems to be the only news channel to give him air time) saying the exact opposite.

This is a staggeringly new development on the Bush(whacked) Administration’s inanity meter...

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