Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

Short week is closer to ending…

  • A new CNN/Opinion Research Corp poll shows that terrorism fears are fading
  • The spouting off about Gen. Clark’s taking Sen. McCain to task about his military experience continues… so I’d like to share some more quotes about military experience and the Presidency…“I absolutely don’t believe that it’s necessary” to have military service in order to be president AND “I believe that military service is the most honorable endeavor an American may undertake. But I’ve never believed that lack of military service disqualifies one from occupying positions of political leadership or as Commander and Chief.” AND “The question I ask myself every morning while shaving in front of the mirror is: OK, John, you’re an incredible war hero, an inspiration to all Americans. But what qualifies you to be president of the United States?” Those quotes are from 9/7/1999 and 11/7/99 respectively… and they were muttered by Sen. McCain himself… so there ya go, either he’s flip-flopping again or he’s senile; take your pick.
  • The NRA is rolling out a $15 million ad campaign aimed at Sen. Obama’s record on gun control. He supports legitimate gun ownership and also supports a ban on semi-automatic weapons...
  • Three words: Statistical. Dead. Heat.
  • Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has had sit downs with both Obama and McCain… but as of now hasn’t endorsed anyone. (regardless of race, I think Obama is the candidate more akin to Mr. Powell and would expect an endorsement of him closer to the convention…)
  • A handful of conservatives are targeting the Pixar film “Wall-E”… wait, what?
  • And have we mentioned? That the folks at the American Family Association are too biased for their own good? Stemming from their policy of replacing the word “gay” with “homosexual” on its Christian news outlet, the company created a filter to do just that… problem is, when they reported an AP story earlier this week about a U.S. sprinter, their filter re-named him “Tyson Homosexual.” Ya see, his real name is “Tyson Gay”, but because the group is SO afraid of that word, it changed his name within a story about his glorious performance at last weekend’s Olympic trials… smoooooooooooth.

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