Thursday, July 10, 2008

I don't want to say I told you so... BUT

As I sit here wondering how the hell Karl Rove can ignore a subpoena to appear before the House Judiciary Committee so he can discuss how he politicized the Justice Department… something came across my computer that further supports my post from yesterday: “the more often Sen. McCain opens his mouth, the better… as it gives a chance for people to see what he is really all about.”

Today, he showed his folly by responding to a question about Iran… or more specifically, the threat that Iran is towards the US.

McCain constantly spouts off about Iran and how they are “intent on acquiring nuclear weapons” while attacking Sen. Obama and Democrats in general, for supposedly not seeing the real threat posed by a nuclear Iran.

And following Iran’s missile testing earlier this week, McCain was at it again. Though this time, he was challenged on it by ABC’s Charlie Gibson, who interviewed McCain and asked if an Israeli strike against Iran would be “jusified” in light of their missile tests… McCain’s response; “I can’t know whether a strike would be justified because I don’t know the progress or the significance or the nature of the threat. I know the threat is growing because of the continued development of nuclear weapons.

Excuse me??? You say Iran is a threat… and yet you don’t even know what the nature of the threat is and then you try to trot out the ‘development of nuclear weapons’ fear-mongering again? I believe we have hard evidence and data from US intelligence agencies (NIE anyone?) that says they’re no longer developing nuclear weapons…

But since he claims to know what Iran is up to, perhaps the reason he isn’t sure of the nature of the threat is because he hasn’t had time to make it up yet.

Look, we all know that McCain has not done his research on many things… but the region containing Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan is the region that will command the next administration’s attention 99% of the time… and yet, he doesn’t know what their real threat is.

The more often McCain opens his mouth, the better…

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