Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

We’re halfway there...

  • Yawn… good morning Senators. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) organized an all-night session to debate ending the war in Iraq. Naturally, republicans whined about not having their teddy bear to sleep with having to stay up all night and have an honest discussion, but Reid stood firm, more or less, and a vote is expected later today (Theatrics or not, this is a good idea. It’s time that people start seeing that the Democrats want to end the war, much like the majority of Americans do, and that republicans are more interested in protecting the president. Keep it up guys!)
  • Must read at the Washington Post: “Why Bush is a Loser.” (’nuff said…)
  • The NIE released yesterday stated that Hezbollah would be “more likely to consider attacking” the US if the group sees the US as a threat to the group or to Iran. Slate’s Fred Kaplan says that “this amounts to a direct warning to the White House: Don’t attack Iran.” (And we all know how well Bush and Cheney respond to orders, so we can probably expect an attack on Iran within the year…)
  • Hmmmm, it seems that Vice President Dick “President” Cheney was more involved in the Energy Report than the White House ever admitted to. (Hmmm, and water quenches your thirst? You don’t say??) By the time the group began its meetings with the environmentalists, the “initial draft of the task force was substantially complete and President Bush had been briefed on its progress.” (Nice. Always nice to have a report on meetings done before the meeting takes place…that’s talent…)
  • Need proof that some in the media have been a tad slow to see the Iraq war as the debacle that it is? How about this tidbit from WaPo’s Michael Abramowitz: “New intelligence assessment raises sharp questions about the success of the White House's counterterrorism strategy, focus on Iraq.” (Ya think???? That’s some mighty nice reporting there Mike… that must have been a hard nut to crack. Being in Iraq has strengthened and, dare I say, emboldened al Qaeda… and yet Bush, along with Lierberman, McCain, et al, refuses to see that)
  • And then there’s these guys who oppose the war, but refuse to do anything about it…
  • And have we mentioned? That Aides to “President” Bush have acknowledged that the strategy of letting Pakistani President Musharraf contend and negotiate with al Qaeda in the tribal areas has failed… (ya think???? Wow… a glint of intelligence coming from the White House. Quick, someone call Hell to see if they’ve frozen over…)

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