Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poll Positions

There are some new polls out, and they continue to show waning support not only for the Iraq war, but “President” Bush as well.

While American Research Group’s new poll shows Bush’s approval at an itty-bitty 25%,with his disapproval at a staggeringly high 71%, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll gives Bush’s approval above the Nixon Line (soon to be re-named the Nixon-Bush Line) at 33%, with 65% disapproving.

But let’s not get too excited just yet… while the numbers for the President are slipping further and further into the abyss, so too are the numbers for Congress, primarily due to their incredible inability to end the war.

35% said they approve of the way congressional Democrats are handling the situation in Iraq, with 63% disapproving… but Bush is not the answer either, as the poll then goes on to show that 55% of those surveyed trust Congressional Democrats to fix the Iraq war problem, and a scant 32% trust President Bush to do it.


Because Bush is too damn stubborn… or, in the words of the poll, 80% of Americans see Bush's stance on Iraq as too rigid as he has downright refused to listen to other people’s opinions.

This includes republicans, Democrats and Independents…

So I read that, and then I have faith in mankind again… but then I see something that leaves me absolutely… Be. Wildered.

Three-quarters of republicans approve of the way Bush is handling his job, compared to one in 10 Democrats and three in 10 independents giving him high positive marks.

And here’s my question; how many of these republicans actuallyactually approve of the job Bush is doing, and how may are simply saying they approve due to a sense of party loyalty?

Think about it… can the entire republican party that friggin’ moronic>? Those with a brain, and I know there must be some out there, can not honestly think that this war is going in a positive direction… let alone the country.

If they do, then they have a much worse case of tunnel vision than Bush.

And that’s downright alarmingly.

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