Friday, July 13, 2007

Even more Lieberman silliness

It seems the great minds at Daily Kos and ThinkProgress are on the same wavelength as I. No sooner did I read about this via Bloglines, than it was mentioned on Kos and ThinkProgress.

Every republican’s favorite Independent Joe Lieberman (I r-CT) is at it again. It’s no secret that Lieberman is a Bush-apologist… but now he’s going even further down that dark road from which there is no return.

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Lieberman kissed Bush’s ass extolled Bush and his Iraq policies and echoed sentiments earlier spoken by Rush “OxyContin” Limbaugh when he stated; “Long after we’re all dead and gone, when historians who are not yet born begin to write about this era, they’re going to place George Bush in the upper echelon of presidents who had a great vision for America, who looked beyond our shores, who didn’t just restrict himself to domestic policy niceties.”

When Hewitt asked Lieberman how he thought history would evaluate Bush, Lieberman’s response dissolved any possibility that Lieberman has any Democratic XX in his body.

“And so I think overall, over time, his ratings among the historians will be greater than his ratings in the polls today.”

I love this argument. I mean, how can you refute it? it’s not like you can travel into the future, pick up a couple of historians and see if he and Limbaugh were right.

Where is Joe pulling this from? Nixon has numbers this low, and he is still viewed historically as a crook and a liar… how will Bush be any different?His attempts to do something that doesn’t involve Iraq have, by and large, failed.

Immigration reform has stalled… his lame attempt to do something with social security went the way of the dodo, and is only “victory” (a term I use very loosely), No Child Left Behind, has suffered from being grossly ineffective…

And through all that, Lierberman still believes Bush will be praised and vindicated later.

Interesting… isn’t it? The war is more unpopular than ever and Lieberman picks this time to opine that Bush is a great president and will be judged as such in the future.

Now… I’ve been writing about Lieberman all week… and I can no longer hold this in. How is it possible that a Senator who was once sensible and of sound judgement, go so completely ‘round the bend? Was it winning yet losing in 2000? Was it “the kiss?” What did it? Surely there has to be one moment that caused him to roll over and beg for his belly to be scratched by Bush…

Think back to May 2003, when Lieberman was competing for the Democratic nomination for president. He criticized the Bush(whacked) Administration for being “unprepared for the quick victory it predicted.” Then in Sept. 2003, he said that he was “shocked at how unprepared the Bush administration was for what to do afterward. They’ve left a vacuum which the terrorists, the Saddam loyalists, our enemies, have jumped into.”

From that to Bush “will be greater than his ratings in the polls today.” WTF??

Joe Lieberman needs to be a primary target the next time he’s up for re-election. We need to do everything within our power to make sure he DOES NOT get re-elected.

On the plus side, one has to think that it’s the destiniy of this adminstration to serve as an amazing warning to future administrations; examine all of their decisions and then do the exact opposite… you can’t go wrong then.

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