Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Lieberman silliness

I posted about every republicans favorite Independent the other day, and while perusing ThinkProgress this afternoon, I came across this.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (Ir-CT) recently came back from a visit to Iraq, and ever since then he’s been pushing his Bush-colored, sorry, I meant Rose-colored, views that “We are winning” and that US troops has successfully “chased out” Al Qaeda. Says Liebermanl;

“[W]e’ve got the enemy, Al Qaeda, on the run. We’ve chased them out of Anbar province, where they were going to create the capital for the Islamist Republic of Iraq. We’ve chased them now to Diyala. All of this is possible because of the surge.”
Uh Joe, I think someone forgot to tell the insurgents that we’re winning because they’re still attacking.

Last night on CNN, Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware, who it should be known has been in Iraq for four years, openly mocked Lieberman’s claims on “AC 360”and stressed that the U.S. now faces “a whole multitude” of threats, threats that are becoming stronger, not weaker.

During a portion of Ware’s piece, Anderson Cooper asked Ware if the US’ enemies in Iraq were on the run… said Ware;
“No, certainly not. And I think we need to be aware that it’s enemies. I mean, America doesn’t face just one opponent in this country, but a whole multitude, many of whom are becoming stronger the longer the U.S. occupation here, or presence here, in Iraq continues. So, unfortunately, I’m afraid that Senator Lieberman has taken an excursion into fantasy.”
And Ware isn’t the only one questioning Lieberman’s sanity… freshman Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) said “I don’t know where Lieberman gets his opinions” on Iraq.

Easy Senator Webb.. he gets them from the “Official Bush Administration Iraq War talking points - Rose-Colored Version” as opposed to Bush’s version which has small words and pop-up pictures…

This has to be the last straw with Lierberman. He doesn’t give the Democrats a majority in the Senate, he just screws us with our pants on and sides with the republicans. I think it’s time for Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to strip Lieberman of all his committeeships and give them to someone who doesn’t have his head so-far up the gop’s ass that he can’t see straight.

Of course, that’s just my opinion…

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