Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Weekly Rewind

It's the weekend, end of the week, time to relax...... and be as busy as during the week when we are all working. So without any further fanfare I present The Weekly Rewind.

Heckle: IL Gov Ron Blagojevich for being SO out of touch that he didn;t know The Daily Show was satirical... One word: schmuck

Applaud? or Heckle? We'll have to wait and see: The Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced Friday that it will hold a final vote March 16 to determine the rules governing political communications on the Internet.

Heckle: President Bush who earlier this week changed his position at least 3 times on his attitude/ opinion/ knowledge surrounding the Port deal.

Heckle: to DHS Secretary Michael "I know nothing" Chertoff, who true to his name stated that he was unaware of his agencies signing off on the Port Deal. Let's see, he didn't know about how bad Katrina was he didn't know about the Port deal...what does this guy know??

Heckle: to all the potential 2008 Presidential candidates. Ah, I hate to tell you folks but the election is more than 2 years away and if you start banging the drum now we are going to get very tired of hearing you yap. Let us get though the mid terms first can you?

Heckle: to the administration for it’s internal ‘Katrina’ response analysis. Must be nice to be able to point the finger at yourself, without actually pointing your finger at yourself.

Applaud: to Louisiana Lt. Gov Mitch Landrieu who announced that he will run against Ray Nagin for Mayor of New Orleans. The city deserves a leader that will ‘engage brain before opening mouth”.

Heckle: to White House Chief of Staff Andrew 'What a Tool" Card for putting the brakes on a briefing for the House Intelligence Committee regarding the Bush Domestic Spying program. Hey Andy, if there is nothing to hide, then why keep a congressional committee in the dark on this highly questionable issue??

Applaud: to Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) for raising $6.5 million for other democrats and democratic organizations. This guy lives the philosophy of helping others and we sure could use more like him!

Heckle: to “Scooter” Libby’s attorneys, who this week had asked a judge to dismiss the charges against “Scooter” on the grounds that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald did not have authority to bring the charges. In that same vein of thought we would like to ask the President to step aside as he did not receive the majority of the popular vote (read that- the votes of the American People) and does not have the authority of the people to govern…. (Don’t like it too much when the tables get turned do you.??)

Applaud: to Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) for raising talk of proposing a legislative measure that would force the Presidents now 4 year old ‘illegal’ wiretapping program under the jurisdiction of the court created by the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. (While we still dont' trust the Senator, you gotta love a conservative who can jump a fence like an Olympic hurdler.)

Heckle: to the escalating violence in Iraq following the explosions at one of the main Shiite Mosques in that country. Interesting that earlier this week we here at TBWA said that this was a prelude to civil war and wouldn’t you know it, later that same day many news organizations were saying the same thing.

That's it... quick, down and dirty. As Kemp would say, "Take them as you will".

Be good, stay informed....later.

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