Monday, February 13, 2006

And the excuse is?

Many folks, including us here at TBWA, are wondering why did it take the White House so long to report that V.P. Cheney shot fellow quail hunter,Harry Whittington in the face? The shooting took place late Saturday afternoon while the V.P. was hunting with a group on the Armstrong Ranch in Texas. However the White House did not publically acknowledge the incident until it was called by a reporter from the Corpus Christi Caller-Times newspaper on Sunday.

How did the reporter know of the incident? The paper was called by ranch owner Katharine Armstrong.

By the way, the folks at the Armstrong ranch need to brush up on thier stories before giving interviews.

In an interview with CNN, Ms. Armstrong told CNN that "Whittington was a guest of hers, not someone Cheney invited, and she did not know whether the two men had met before. " However in another interview, Katharine's mother Anne, said that "she had invited Cheney and Whittington to the ranch, which she manages, to go hunting. She said the two men were "dear friends" of her late husband, Tobin Armstrong, and that they had known each other for 30 years and hunted together before."

Mr. Whittington is said to be in stable condition, but remains in Intensive Care. Initial care was given on scene by members of Cheney's detail. Good thing the traveling cardiologist knows how to treat shotgun wounds.

Get ready for more backpeddling than you would see at the circus.

UPDATE from Kemp: Scott, maybe we should take into consideration that the Vice President had an hallucination and thought Whittington was Patrick Fitzgerald… or former VP Dan Quayle (he was quail hunting after all… sorry, bad pun)... or a "liberal-media" reporter...

Or maybe it was because the friend is an attorney and attorneys aren’t some of the Veep’s favorite people right now.

Or maybe the Veep was unfocused while thinking about how his former Chief of Staff (Scooter Libby) has sold him down the river by stating that Cheney and others told him to leak confidential information to reporters and that has led some Senators to call for Fitzgerald to investigate Cheney.

Or maybe it’s because authenticated photos of "President" Bush with ├╝ber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff have surfaced.

You have to wonder how long Dick’s ticker can withstand this kind of abuse… we should all stay tuned…


Anonymous said...

No one can remember, recall, or if pushed further, they just won't have a clue how or if it really happened. How did we end up with such an obnoxious, racist, conceited, dispicable human being for VP? Talk about Teflon.....this guy will probably be given the Nobel Prize for controlling the bird population.

Anonymous said...

we need to stay focused on the fact that the past presidentail election and the previous one were illegal and void due to supreme court intervention into accurate vote counts and vote manipulation allowing biased vote counts. As long as any group can steal elections America is not free and hopefully the bushwacker himself and his buddies in destruction of morals and integrity will either all end up in jail or shoot each other which is probably what realy happened at the Armstrong ranch. Little tricky Dick got an itchy finger and thought his buddy said something contrary to accepted bushwacker philosophy.

Mike said...

These two preceding comments show what is wrong with the left. The leaders/speakers of the modern democratic party are completely consumed by their hatred of Dubya. Holy shit, Cheney accidently shot his friend in a hunting accident and you folks go nuts. So what if it didn't get reported for 21 hours? Gimme a break. As for the second comment, what a JOKE. You people will never get over the 2000 election, will you? We can debate over and over about it, but why? It's over, MY side won, and that's just the way it is. Wanna cry about the popular vote? Sorry, we have the electoral college system in this country. Call your lawmakers if you want to change it. Oh by the way, Gore started all this recount bullshit and Bush simply countered. If you dems were smart enough to vote on a punchcard, maybe Gore would be president. As for the last election, didn't Dubya get the most votes EVER for president? I believe so. Sure it was close, but who won? DUBYA. Most of the time I just laugh at liberal lunacy, so thanks for the laughs.

Kemp said...

"The leaders/speakers of the modern democratic party are completely consumed by their hatred of Dubya"

Ya know Mike, usuaully your comments, misguided as they are, are still well thought-out, but, correct me if I am wrong, but the Republicans were consumed by their hatred of Clinton when he was in office... how is the Dems hatred of Bush any different?

Besides, even if they are arguments supporting our posts, I never put much faith in anonymous comments anyway.

Mike said...

Kemp, you are so wrong on this one. We didn't hate Slick Willy, we only DISLIKED him. OK, maybe strongly disliked him. As for the anonymous comments, we agree on this one. I put not much faith in them either, whether they support your side or mine. Other than porn and online shopping, isn't that what the internet is for, anonymous posts that will enrage others without fear of reprisal?