Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog Day & Political Wordplay

Q: What's the difference between Groundhog Day and President Bush's State of the Union Address?

A: One is a meaningless ritual wherein we look to a creature of little intelligence to prognosticate for us... the other involves a woodchuck.

"On Groundhog Day, old timers think they can predict whether it's going to be an early spring or six more weeks of winter by whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow, or, as President Bush calls it, 'reliable intelligence'." - Jay Leno

Just after daybreak this morning, the groundhog saw George W. Bush's shadow and ran back into his hole, signifying three more years of screwing the country with its pants on.

In more breaking Groundhog Day news, Vice President Dick Cheney emerged from his secret undisclosed location (assumed to be a bunker under a Denny's Restaurant in Alexandria, VA) this morning and scared several small children, thus ensuring six more weeks of declining approval ratings for the president.
-- from PBen @ the Daily Kos

1 comment: said...

Is there any truth he is being held while his hole is searched for WMD's? Damn, they gots to be somehwere?
Raymond B