Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Poll Position

Don’t you hate it when you respond to a poll on a website and you never find out the results? So do I, that’s why we have Poll Position, our bi-weekly attempt to inform you of the results of our 2-week polls.

Speaking of which, it’s been two weeks, so it’s out with the old poll, in with the new. The previous poll asked the question: What is your take on the Muslim Cartoon controversy?

We asked, and you responded.

31% of respondents believe that the cartoon is being used as a shameful excuse for violence, which it is.

Next came 25% of you believing that Muslims have the right to be upset, but need to stop spreading violence because of the cartoon.

22% say that the cartoon was a political cartoon and the main purpose of them is to ignite thought and debate.

The final three areas were neck and neck with 8% thinking that it’s wrong to draw cartoons inspired by people’s religions, 7% of you think the cartoon should have never been drawn in the first place and another 7% saying that the controversy doesn’t affect me so why should I care (nice)

We at TBWA thank you for, not only voting in our polls, but for taking the time out of your busy schedule’s to read our posts.

The next poll question is: Are people making too big a deal of the UAE Port Deal?

Read it, think about i t, a n d v o t e

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