Friday, February 10, 2006

Do I smell 'Brownies' burning in the Senate?

Former FEMA director Michael Brown (aka: Brownie) goes before a Senate committee today to answer questions in the ongoing investigation as to the failings of the federal governement follwoing the Gulf Coast hurricanes last fall.

Brownie had requested that the White House assist him by offering a claim of 'executive priviledge'. That request was rebuffed by White House Counsel Harriet "I could have been a Justice" Miers.

Browns response was that without any protecttion or assistance from the administration he will essentially spill his guts when asked questions.

Let's see if he keeps to his word on this one. This could get interesting.

UPDATE: In Testimony to the Senate committee, Michael Brown blamed the DHS, and specifially said that talking to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff was a "waste of time".

I told you this would be interesting....stay tuned.


enigma4ever said...

You just had to know that Chertoff and Brownie would end up brawling on the White House lawn at some point....

Anonymous said...

I hear Cheney has thrown away a gun that misfires a lot. Who'll get it first? LOL! Hopefully someone with better aim. Can't get rid of those pesky rabbits fast enough.