Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Tip of the Hat to Aaron Burr?

Ya know, there are so many jokes to be made out of THIS STORY… I can’t pick just one… so I invite all of you readers to make up your own and leave it as a's a snippet of the story, click HERE to see... the.Rest.Of.The.Story (I always wanted to do that... thank you Paul Harvey)

Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and injured a man during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas, his spokeswoman said Sunday.

Harry Whittington, 78, was "alert and doing fine" after Cheney sprayed him with shotgun pellets on Saturday while the two were hunting at the Armstrong Ranch in south Texas, said property owner Katharine Armstrong.

Armstrong said Whittington was mostly injured on his right side, with the pellets hitting his cheek, neck and chest, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Whittington was in stable condition Sunday, said Yvonne Wheeler, spokeswoman for the Christus Spohn Health System.


enigma4ever said...

yeah, he was injured in the face, neck, and chest- hmmm....most hunting injuries, esp. quail are in the rump or back...( ER experience- as a nurse- not hunting experience)

This whole thing is very odd...something smells- that and it took 24 hours to be released to the public...and the story wasn't straight- moved by Ambulance? or helicopter?

Armstrong Ranch... on Prison Reform...and also fought some shady Parking garage deals, and land developement deals...Travis County- is that Delay's Turf???

White House still has not issued an official "statement"...(version of their story)

I would love to see Scotty answer questions on this one.... said...

Someone needs to tell the Veep its Wabbit season not Whittington season. Nice shooting Elmer.

Raymond B

enigma4ever said...

He is stable...11pm they Finally admitted he is ICU...guess 78 and shot in the face didn't go so well....

samrocha said...

Nice Cheney hunting post! I got here on a Blog search, I have just posted on this story with the Aaron Burr connection too. Check it out at:

David A. said...

Why is this news? All along Cheney's attitude has been "Shoot first, suppress questions later."