Monday, November 21, 2005

The Week Ahead

On Fridays we at TBWA have ‘The Weekly Rewind.’ So it only makes sense that on Monday’s we have… ‘The Weekly Forward.’

(That sounds incredibly lame doesn’t it? ‘Forward Thinking?’ Nah.

What’s Ahead? I don’t think so…

‘Whacking Day?’ No, that sounds sort of dirty doesn’t it?

I got it: ‘The Week Ahead’— brilliant!)

Here’s ‘The Week Ahead’, a few tasty tidbits that we should keep an eye on during this (hopefully) short workweek:

  • Will “President” Bush be able to keep tempers/opinions over Iraq at bay for the next week? Talk from both parties seems to be taking a toll on his mental well being… if there was such a thing.
  • Will Bob “trying-to-get-some-of-my-past-glory-back-by-getting-my-name-in-the-news-now” Woodward be employed by the Washington Post by week’s end? Who knows, but all bets are off.
  • Will the questions about the U.S.’s suspected torturing get softer or louder?
  • Not to pull a Frist (meaning not to whine and pout) but will the ‘stunt’ by House Republicans to vote on immediate Iraqi withdrawal come back to bite them on the ass?
  • How will history remember President Bush’s Asian trip?
  • Is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi really dead?
  • What lies in wait for the Samuel “don’t-call-me-Scalito” Alito nomination? I smell a filibuster
  • With an article about him in the Chicago Tribune (and picked up by the L.A. Times), will Illinois’ Junior Senator Barack Obama’s stock rise with each passing week? Seems like it…but only time will tell...

There ya go, a few small things to keep an eye on as we start this holiday-shortened week.

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