Friday, November 11, 2005


Today is Veterans' Day, and while we could post about our brave men and women who have been fighting and dying for our freedom, we won't. Instead; Scott (a veteran himself) and I will give a great big shout out with a very, very, very, very big:

And special shout outs to Veterans in our own families: Kemp's Uncles Jimmy, Eladio, Henry & Warren. Kemp's cousin Tom. Kemp's father-in-law Bill and Kemp's brother-in-law Frank. Scott's Uncles Don, Bill, Joe and Frank. Scott's Cousins Marcia, Patrick (serving now in Iraq) & Tom and Scott's brother-in-law Steve.

We lift our glassees to you all.

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Howard Wagler said...

You have very good taste. We should honor soldier who fight for us no matter what we think about the reason our country went to war! By the way, nice blog.