Monday, November 21, 2005

Poll time, Poll time....

Ok everyone, it’s Monday which means it’s time for a new poll question. Since no one has submitted a question it’s once again our choice, and we are asking your thoughts on the continuing grand jury investigation surrounding PlameGate.

As for last weeks poll, we asked if you thought that the President would have enough time to snap out of his run of bad luck/setbacks before the end of his term of office (which at the time of this writing is 1,155 days, 9 hours and 25 minutes….)

The responses were:

  • 54%- I hope not, I’m hungry for some ‘lame duck’
  • 32%- No. Two words: Richard Nixon
  • 11%- Yes. Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton came back
  • 3%- What back luck

Ok, overall 86% of you are of the opinion that Bush will essentially be ineffective for the remainder of his time in office. (Assuming that he has been effective up to this point, which is another debatable topic.)

There are 11% who hold out hope that Bush has the charisma and ability of Eisenhower, Reagan and Clinton. Ok those of you who are thinking that need to seriously take another look at the 3 former presidents and then look at our current president and once again tell me that there is any comparison…..nuff said.

As for the remaining 3% of you who are saying’ What bad luck?’, let’s just say Kemp and I are seriously worried about you. Do your families know that you are running around loose?

Also, interestingly enough 1/3 of you feel that Bush will be remembered in the same breath as Richard Nixon. Let’s see, Nixon was known as ‘Tricky Dick’, and now we have ‘Clueless George’.

That’s it….I am calling author credit on the new, official, nationally recognized, universal nickname for this president …. ‘Clueless George’. Spread the word, tell your friends, hang banners from highway overpasses and tall buildings (no I will not post bail if you get caught)..

We just had off year elections a few weeks back where the republicans had some seriously week results, we have republican members of congress now calling on the ‘President’ to come up with a plan for withdrawing from Iraq, and we have the continuing investigation into the events surrounding PlameGate. Things do not look good for the remainder of Bush’s term in office. Nor do they look any better for a ‘positive’ legacy of his time in office. I wonder if ‘Lame Duck’ comes with orange sauce?

Don’t forget to participate in this week’s poll, believe it or not we do listen…

Be good, stay informed…..later

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MrMorocco said...

Love your blog. Very refreshing and sincere. I don't consider myself a Bush supporter by any means, although I did support his decision to "hunt down the terrorists where-ever they may be hiding". Insurgents and terrorists aren't rational and won't listen to rational arguments, so what's left but defend yourself from agression than preempt their strikes?. But that's a different topic altogether. As far as Bush as President is concerned, and his ability to stage a comeback in the polls, I'm skeptical. My perception of him is, like the man himself, not very complex. He does come across as a simpleton. He can't think on his feet. He can't form a single unscripted sentence on his own and he's not a critical thinker. He won't come back like Kennedy, Reagan or Clinton during his presidency, and it's doubtful that he will enjoy post-presidency admiration, productivity or international acclaim, the way Carter or even Nixon did after their terms in office. I suspect we'll find "Clueless George" (nice one guys!) hunting Armadillo and Ducks on his Crawford Ranch in his retirement years, having his memoirs ghostwritten by much smarter authors. Yet, I've learned through the (reliable source, of course) D.C. grapevine that George has hired Executive Speech Coach Harrison Monarth, aka GuruMaker, to polish his rhetoric and speaking ability before crowds. He's obviously concerned about his legacy and hearing over and over that you sound like an imbecile must even affect the most feebleminded cretin at some point. Being President (I suspect) is a 24/7 job, and considering that part of that job is "selling" your leadership to (not just 300 million Americans) billions of people across the globe, he's finally realized that what he says and how he comes across is shaping public opinion. Personally, I think it's wise, considering again that (I'm generalizing, yes) much of the world dislikes the United States under the leadership of "W". Can he repair the image of the U.S. by working on his delivery, and choosing his words better? Not sure. But leadership has to be communicated verbally and nonverbally, so I think it's a good start. Maybe in time for a comeback? Here's to hoping, for the sake of America's global image.