Monday, November 28, 2005

Poll Position

It’s Monday, so that must mean it’s time for a new poll… and also time to let loose of last week’s results…

This past week’s question was – “Do you believe that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will ask for indictments against other members of the Bush Administration?

  • 40% said that you hope there are more indictments and would hate to think that Libby was the only one (come on, we all know you can’t stop at one)
  • 32% of you think Scooter was the first of many more (Scooter needs a cell-mate doesn’t he?)
  • 16% of respondents don’t give a rat’s behind (good to see you’re taking an interest in politics)
  • 8% thinks there will be no more indictments (Why do you have to burst our bubble like that?)
  • 4% of you answered with a question of ‘what indictment?’ (Seriously, put the X-Box controller down and open a newspaper…)

It’s been a few weeks since the new Grand Jury was impaneled, and nothing has been leaked, much less announced… so it is entirely possible that the indictments are done and now Fitz is just wasting time like Kenneth Starr did. Or, Mr. Fitzgerald could be waiting for a more opportune time to make the announcement… but everything said here is just conjecture because, as I’ve said on this site many, many times…

… only time will tell.

Be sure to check out and vote in this week’s poll up top. This week, the question is “What do you think of Michael Brown’s announcement that he is starting-up a disaster-preparedness consulting firm?"

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