Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday's Poll Position

It’s Monday, the start of another work week… only 10 days until Thanksgiving...

... and only 41 days until Christmas… feeling rushed yet?

If it’s Monday, you all know what that means…

[waits for response]

That's right, you got it, it’s time for a new poll from your buddies, Kemp and Scott. I am once again opening up the floor for feedback. Any special questions that you, our loyal readers, would like to see us poll on? Let us know and you just might see your question placed on one of the most popular political blog sites around.

Last week we asked the question, “Do you believe the "President's" assertion that "We (the U.S.) do not torture?"

The votes have been tabulated, the kickbacks have been received, and the results are in (and posted below):

  • I don't believe him at all - 59%
  • Who cares! They torture ours; we should torture theirs - 23%
  • I believe him 100%- 10%
  • He's confused again; he thought he was being asked about The Jackson's 1984 song of the same name. – 8%
  • Half believe and half don't believe - 0%
  • Not sure - 0%

Based on the results 59% of you feel that Mr. Bush is not being entirely truthful about the revelation that the U.S. has torture prisons around the globe. 23% feel that turn about is fair play and if they torture our military, then we should be able to torture theirs.

A few of you, 10%, have unconditional and unequivocal belief in our current President. (If you are one of those that does, indeed have unconditional and unequivocal belief in anything the President says, then Scott and I want you to seek some serious psychiatric help)

Even fewer, 8%, thought that the President was confused and was speaking about the Jackson’s song; Torture (extra credit if you have a copy of this song at home… I’m sorry, I meant extra credit taken AWAY if you have a copy of this song at home)

Thanks to all who participated in the poll, we truly and sincerely appreciate the response; and remember, there is a new poll posted periodically pertaining (to) politics (how’s that for alliteration?)

Thank you.

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