Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Seems like the wind is blowing in a different direction....

Well it’s Tuesday night and the end of election day in many states including New Jersey and Virginia. (Which I talked about last night)

So does anyone know where I can send the chairman of the RNC a big bottle of Tylenol? It is 10:30 in the central time zone and the projections are showing a Democratic win in both states. Ouch, that has to hurt!

The ‘Bush’-Whacked Administration would like to extend our congratulations to Governor Elect Tim Kaine of Virginia and Governor Elect Jon Corzine of New Jersey.

The races in these states were tight up to the eleventh hour and were fraught with charges of dirty ad campaigns on all sides. In a calculated attack on Kaine by his republican opponent, one ad had the father of a murder victim state that Kaine would not have sought the death penalty for Adolf Hitler (due to his religious convictions). Kaine promptly replied saying that the ad was an unfair attack on his faith and that if elected he would carry out his oath of office and enforce the death penalty law of Virginia.

The RNC was worried enough about losing this stronghold of conservatism that they even sent in a number of heavy hitters (Mary Matalin, Sara Taylor). Another example is that after initially rejecting offers of help from the President, a last ditch effort by state republicans in Virginia tried to increase voter turnout by having Bush make a ‘get out the vote’ appearance on Monday night in Richmond. Not sure if that was a smart move with all that is coming out of the Washington recently. But you make a decision and you have to live with it….

Are today’s election results a harbinger of doom on the horizon for the GOP? It may be too soon to tell, but the so-called ’majority’ have got to be squirming.

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