Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We All Need Your Help...

Scott and I wanted to take a moment to inform you of something that could very well define the internet for years to come if it is not passed.
H.R. 1606, the Online Freedom of Speech Act, is up for a vote tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2. Its cosponsors include Rep. John Conyers and Rep. Tim Ryan.
To find your Congressman/woman: click this link
Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Call (202) 225-4965, or email her here.
We can’t trust the FEC to get policing the Internet right because they haven’t before (in regards to the regulation of a medium that they do not totally comprehend)
So call or email TODAY.
Start with your own Representative (to find your local Representative click this link), and then contact the Democratic leadership (Rep. Nancy Pelosi – call (202) 225-4965 or send her an email.)
Tell them that you are a liberal, that you support this bill and that the Internet ought to be free from convoluted FEC regulation.
Again, to find your Representative click here. To contact Democratic Leader of the House Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi you can call her at (202) 225-4965, or email her.
Thank you.

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